June 9th Wednesday 2009.

Can you hear the HUM?

An intrusive Low Frequency Noise
that has disrupted the lives of thousands
and been responsible for several deaths!

The HUM! has a very distinctive sound that is instantly recognised by HUM! sufferers around the world. It is often described as the sound of a diesel engine idling some distance away, or the drone of a distant propeller driven aircraft which never comes nearer or goes away.

In Warwickshire it is described as the moan of a lonely virgin humming for the want of something to eat or as a comfort while emptying dustbins or tending garden plants.

The intensity of the HUM! can vary greatly but it is usually at its most intense during the early hours, around 3-4am local time and at weekends.
The HUM! is invariably much greater indoors than outside, also greater upstairs, in small rooms, passageways and stairwells.
The HUM! can also be “heard” in a stationary car with the engine switched off.
The use of sound proofing, ear-plugs or ear protectors are ineffective, in fact, by eliminating extraneous noise, these only serve to intensify the perceived HUM! level.
The HUM! is very selective, approximately 5% of the population “hear” the noise, almost all are aged 50 or over, and 70% of these are women.

The HUM! often resonates off gas cylinders and metal sheds. Mobile home park home residents are very susceptible to the HUM! as they live in thin paper clad dwellings and most of them are older women with cats and small dogs. Some of the tiny rodent type creatures that live with these said home park dwellers complain to their owners and contribute to the HUM! with an even lower resonating noise that makes the owners cover the pets with cotton wool and put them outside to annoy the neighbours.

We are investigating the HUM! today Call back later to find out what we discovered.

Looking for the HUM!

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