HUM! June 14th 2009.

Hey we just posted a link to some of our old news. Look to the right of here and lookk at BLOG HEADS from 2005.

There is some rubbish and some interesting goings on in the list.

Take a walk down Time Travel Lane.

HUM! We have investigated the HUM! a little more and found that the Millions of people on Earth who are not quite satisfied with their Presidents or MP’s or their Great and Good are adding to the HUM!

In Iran where the latest election  was won by Mahmoud Ahmadinnerjacket the people were so happy and upset at the same time that a single HUM! was transmitted over their televison and radio network and another on the arest of the HUMMERS! an hour after the election result. DOUBLE HUM!

The great unwashed in North Korea noticed an increase in the HUM! when a massive contingent of the LADIES army  marched past and the HUM! it is thought was added to by the rubbing together of thighs clad in cheap Western Imperialist made nylon tights.

Marching to the HUM!Tuffy not to bothered by the HUM!Stripe hiding from HUM he has big ears!

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