June 16th 2009 Tuesday.

After watching the soccer game last night where Italy beat 10 man USA 3-1 we were convinced that the HUM! was being added to by all the fans in the Pretoria stadium. The noise from thousands of horns every single moment of the game drove Lily, who was watching it on tv with us nuts. She is sure that by the 2010 world cup finals and at the end of it the HUM! will have increased in magnitude so much that you will hear it in your sleep. We think she has a good point. A less interesting statement by Lily is that the worlds buildings are all so much taller now in the 21st century that the HUM! has become trapped inside a ring of high rise architecture and cannot escape and so it builds up and up until it HUMs! into the ionosphere.

Humming Footy.Aliens Welcome.

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