Ploppy BBQ report. June 22nd 2009.

Ploppy BBQ 20th June 2009.

We went to the ploppy BBQ with Lily, Old Fart, Olde Bagg and Ei Ei.

We were not really looking forward to it as Old  Fart said it would be boring and there would only be strawberries to eat because that’s all anyone could grow.

Ei Ei said that there would be cheese cake and Salmon and wine. Pigs Might fly said Old fart and you know what they did!

A pig flying.

Happy was not there and several other allotment folk threw the towel in just before light up time but it all turned out nice in the end.Old Bagg had problems getting the BBQ there as it slowly fell to bits down the road so we had to take it in Ei Ei’s Picasso!


A nice man squirted all stuff on Old Bagg’s candle wax in order to get her fire going.

Old Bagg and the sausage.

Old Bagg showed us a really nice sausage she was going to eat and lots of people said the salmon was the star dish of the evening along with the tiny cream bums.

Anyhow it was all ok Ei Ei had six bowls of pudding and there was not enough room for Old Bagg to get a bit of everything in one go so she had to make five trips to the tables.

We only got to meet a couple of new friends and only the very nice Jan wanted her picture taken with us….Their loss!


UppyUs at the ploppy BBQ.

One Response to “Ploppy BBQ report. June 22nd 2009.”

  1. Old Bag Says:

    Well done you two, but I only went to the pudding table twice ! Yes the evening turned out nice and you took the limelight again. Pleased you did’nt include my little trip to check out our ploppy !!

    See you soon. xx

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