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Friday July 31st 2009.

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I Love NY.

STAR DUCK arrives in New York City.

His first comment from the states was. “At first look not too bad here, a bit eclectic but then I’ll fit right in!”

Thursday 30th July 2009.

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OLD FART found this picture of us in Spain.


Sunday July 26th 2009.

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LabelStar duck on 4th plinth.

Before setting off to the good old US of A. Star duck paid a visit to the 4th plinth and got his moment of glory.

Saturday-Global Gathering day 25th July 2009.

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Been a hot but not too hot one. We can hear the music from Long Marston on the night air.

The Star Duck is off to New York to live with Cousin Pattie. We hope she looks after him, we are sure she will and he will keep us posted on his life on the other side of the Big Pond.

Star Duck off to the U.S.A.

July 23rd 2009 Thursday.

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Very Windy we were looking at some of the photographs from our India trip with OLD FART and LILY.

We thought we should share some here with you all.

Upton in Jaipur.ALf Elephants

VaranasiSunrise on the GangesA friend in Orccha.The Moughal's granddaughter India.

July 22nd 2009 Wednesday.

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Yesterday there was an Eclipse.


MOON Landing anniversary! This is the Earth Moon!

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40 Earth years ago today!

ALf shadow

ALf and Aldrin outside the LEM.

If  you study the photo above you will see that ALf was standing behind Buzz Aldrin helping NASA out on the Moon programme.


1. The Apollo’s Saturn rockets were packed with enough fuel to throw 100-pound shrapnel three miles, and NASA couldn’t rule out the possibility that they might explode on takeoff. NASA seated its VIP spectators three and a half miles from the launchpad.

2. The Apollo computers had less processing power than a cellphone.

3. Drinking water was a fuel-cell by-product, but Apollo 11’s hydrogen-gas filters didn’t work, making every drink bubbly. Urinating and defecating in zero gravity, meanwhile, had not been figured out; the latter was so troublesome that at least one astronaut spent his entire mission on an anti-diarrhea drug to avoid it.

4. When Apollo 11’s lunar lander, the Eagle, separated from the orbiter, the cabin wasn’t fully depressurized, resulting in a burst of gas equivalent to popping a champagne cork. It threw the module’s landing four miles off-target.

5. Pilot Neil Armstrong nearly ran out of fuel landing the Eagle, and many at mission control worried he might crash. Apollo engineer Milton Silveira, however, was relieved: His tests had shown that there was a small chance the exhaust could shoot back into the rocket as it landed and ignite the remaining propellant.

6. The “one small step for man” wasn’t actually that small. Armstrong set the ship down so gently that its shock absorbers didn’t compress. He had to hop 3.5 feet from the Eagle’s ladder to the surface.

7. When Buzz Aldrin joined Armstrong on the surface, he had to make sure not to lock the Eagle’s door because there was no outer handle.

8. The toughest moonwalk task? Planting the flag. NASA’s studies suggested that the lunar soil was soft, but Armstrong and Aldrin found the surface to be a thin wisp of dust over hard rock. They managed to drive the flagpole a few inches into the ground and film it for broadcast, and then took care not to accidentally knock it over.

9. The flag was made by Sears, but NASA refused to acknowledge this because they didn’t want “another Tang.”

10. The inner bladder of the space suits—the airtight liner that keeps the astronaut’s body under Earth-like pressure—and the ship’s computer’s ROM chips were handmade by teams of “little old ladies.”


Sunday July 19th 2009.

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Late this afternoon JANE from the OLDE PIG FARM came to see us where OLD FART had his Hutte. She brought two wipper snappers with her ROBERT and HELEN they are Uxonians from a place called UTTOXETER. Uppy thought it sounded like a disease!  And was hoping as Jane came from the Olde Pig farm that the swine flu thing was not involved.

Robert had a quick play with MOUSE.

TUFFY and BUFFY came out to say hello. Helen has two piggs one called MIDNIGHT. We guess this must be a vampire pigg.

Vampire pigg

She also said she had a pink car that we could have. Such a sweet Uxonian!

ALf said he had been in Uttoxeter in 1069 and that during the time of William the Conker it was mentioned in the Domesday Book as “Wotocheshede”: it probably came from Anglo-Saxon Wuttuceshǣddre = “Wuttuc’s heath”. ALf know’s everything, TWICE!


July 18th 2009 Saturday.

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To Tee or not to Tee?


Tee Shirts

Friday 17th July 2009.

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Windy and wet OLD FART went to the hospital to get a thing shoved up his bottom, not sure what sort of thing it was but we heard LILY say it was a camera.

We have not seen any photos posted on his facebook or blog?

Uppy botty picture.