Sunday July 19th 2009.

Late this afternoon JANE from the OLDE PIG FARM came to see us where OLD FART had his Hutte. She brought two wipper snappers with her ROBERT and HELEN they are Uxonians from a place called UTTOXETER. Uppy thought it sounded like a disease!  And was hoping as Jane came from the Olde Pig farm that the swine flu thing was not involved.

Robert had a quick play with MOUSE.

TUFFY and BUFFY came out to say hello. Helen has two piggs one called MIDNIGHT. We guess this must be a vampire pigg.

Vampire pigg

She also said she had a pink car that we could have. Such a sweet Uxonian!

ALf said he had been in Uttoxeter in 1069 and that during the time of William the Conker it was mentioned in the Domesday Book as “Wotocheshede”: it probably came from Anglo-Saxon Wuttuceshǣddre = “Wuttuc’s heath”. ALf know’s everything, TWICE!


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