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July 16th Thursday 2009.

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Not much doing today bit boring.

UppyALf Plinth.

15th July 2009. VIVA ALf!

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OLD FART has been reading about Mexico and its struggles since the Spanish invaders to the present day. ALf was with The Aztec and Inca people at several times in their history and rode at the side of Zapata when the people fought for land and freedom during the struggle of Revolution.

Viva ALf!

Although ALf does not believe in War or violent acts of aggression he does believe in FREEDOM!

Viva Alf! Viva Zapata!

Sunday 12th July 2009.

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Well yesterday we went with OLD Fart and Lily to Helen and SMELLY DAVE’s place to take the bunny rabbit fences.

Smelly Dave and Helen.

And today we went with OLD FART to see WHO’d be NEIL play six a side footy.


This was in Little Kineton we have not laughed so much since he gave us a preview of how he warmed up for training for the said event over 8 weeks ago.

Who'd be Neil!

He and his fellow OLD Timers played five games of 8 minutes each way, they were all pooped.

Even the youngest member of the team was crocked.


One piece of advice that WHO’d be NEIL gave to him was it would be fine if he ran only in straight lines. They all tried very hard but alas they could not win a game.

Good advice.

Friday 10th July 2009.

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The Lifeboat Ducks took a trip up the field today.

Duck 3.Yellow Duck.

Spoty Duck.Star Struck Duck.

OLD FART thinks that the group The Grange Artists has been flushed down the pan!

He said, “Who needs a f*****g group anyhow”!  QUACK!   QUACK!  QUACK!  QUACK!

July 8th 2009 Wednesday.

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SHAKEY Michelle,  Norman and the HUM!

SHAKEY Michelle came to see OLD FART and LILY today and us of course she brought scones and ham and rolls yummy. Also a wire figure so she could take its picture in the field OLD FART named him Stan but we prefer Norman.

Us with Norman in the field.Norman wearing a Happening badge.

The weather has been wet and wild and raining on and off. LILY went to the Ploppy with Old Bagg for a bit and came back with a load of green stuff. SHAKEY Michelle kind of emits a HUM! when she is out and about with all the shaking she does.


We are going to investigate further if the sound of the HUM! increases when she is in Welford next time she visits. ALf has built a HUM! detector and although it is working OK he wants to run some more tests on it before he unveils it to the public.


We made a movie for RED NOSE DAY 2009 .

Thanks to all those who sponsored our movie!


Red Nose Day 2009.

July 7th 2009 Tuesday.

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Well an old friend of OLD FART came over today and OLD FART and LILY were rushing around cleaning and painting the house as if the man from the Home Office was coming. OLD FART was standing up and sitting down and kept putting the kettle on.

Stewart The OLD guy.

Anyhow the OLD guy arrived eventually and the talk was really boring about times at the fire station and the lantern was swinging in the cabin big time.  But OLD FART was laughing a lot when the OLD guy and him were swopping tales about their YOUNG UN’s.

Chivenor and Perky.

The OLD guys name was Stewert and he told a tale about two friends he had at home one he said Perky was lost in the loft.

He said he found the other little guy Chivenor at a fire situation and rescued him and in fact carried him all smelling of smoke in his tunic pocket all his fire service life.

OLD guy in the field.

OLD FART took The OLD guy to the field and took his photo.  He did not take us with him, next time we hope Chivenor and Perky will come and get involved in the field ARTY FARTY project next time he comes over.

Monday July 6th 2009.

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We went with OLD FART to the arty farty meeting at Solihull today but first we had to deliver a package to JOHN the FISH!

The Package.

He lives in Solihull too and we delivered the package in total secrecy.

What was in the package? It was a dead bird. We asked LILY why JOHN the FISH wanted a dead bird. She said he was going to plant it! OLD FART and LILY had kept it in the freezer for a week or two and we have now taken it to be planted.

JOHN the FISH is famous for his planting of Fish and birds.

We saw a great old photo of JOHN the FISH. He was sat at a computer terminal that looked older than him.


The meeting was boring and was over in a flash so we went to McDonalds and met with YUNG UN.


O one more event happened today on the way home from Solihull. OLD FART was driving past the police station on the traffic island leaving Solihull. A man was standing waiting to cross the road. He hesitated to step in the road OLD FART was driving very steady and expected the man to cross there was a moment of hesitation on both sides and OLD FART eventually let the man cross and they waved both apologising for their misdemeanours.

OLD FART recognised the man at this point and called and waved to TREVOR!  He looked back and waved and smiled yes it was the footy legend Trevor Francis.

Trevor Francis

Saturday USA Independence Day. July 4th 2009.

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Well It is a bit cooler today.

We read in the papers that Bubbles the chimp will not attend Michael Jackson’s funeral. The world’s best-known chimpanzee  did not try to commit suicide after finding out the King of Pop, who once owned him, was dead.

Why?  He hasn’t been told the news, because, seriously, he wouldn’t really understand the words.

Bubbles and MJ

We find this story rather sad. The whole thing about MJ and his family and fans and how the world reacted to MJ is all very disturbing.

ALf Space Ship

ALf said on his planet he was in danger of becoming the centre of attraction like Elvis and MJ, and this point in his life  he fled to be in exile here on Earth maybe MJ and Elvis have done the same thing.

Raining July 3rd 2009 Friday.

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Raining today after a week of HOT HOT HOT weather. We have been hiding down by the Piggs cage in the shade. OLD FART is off to Compton Verney today. Tennis is on tv bet he would be watching that Jock Murray if he was at home. We are not sure if to go with OLD FART as it is raining?

Into the clouds Stratford July 3rd 2009.

Well we watched Tennis OLD FART came home around 6pm and watched it with us. It got really hot again after the rain last night  The Jock Blew It! LOST!

July First 2009 Wednesday. Rent Day.

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Rent Day.

Shite loves rent day!  He gets to parade around his kingdom shaking his cash box and whistling a happy money filled tune. He chats to his people like a God.

We wish he would f*** off and go whistle his tune somewhere else.

Rent Day.

Marley’s Ghost when despairing over “life’s opportunities misused.” Scrooge, trembling with fear and beginning to share in Marley’s guilt, says: “But you were always a good man of business, Jacob.” Upon which the Ghost cried out in anguish:

Business! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!

Does Shite remind you of anyone?


Yesterday we met two foreign types one a blooming German the other from the Antipiodes. Uppy was wondering if the girl from OZ had seen his Ned Kelly impersonation?

Uppy as Ned Kelly

See the link on the right to see Uppy as Ned Kelly on the Aussie Website.

The German type. ln arty farty photographer was spouting on about the Germans win over England in the under 21 soccer final. Hmm!  The Aussie is a writer she may do an article about us for the Malaysia Airline magazine. We better smarten up.

UppyALf say FLY-Malaysia Airlines.

No they were nice girls only jesting should they read this. (hee hee hee).