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Sunday 30th August 2009

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30th day of August 2009.


It is getting close now to OLD FART’s Plinthing Thing! I hope we wont have to cary him on there!

Silly OLD FART……..You would think he would have enough to do just getting out of bed in the morning.

We will of course do most of the work. And BLAZE is on offer to a good home on E bay from 5th September for 10 days.

Fire Fighters Charity.

Jeannette and Cees came again to England last week and visited OLD FART and LILY they must really love England as they now come every year. Cees he likes very much the Weatherspoons pub. Jeannette she like the field a lot.


Clomppen in the Field.

August Field


UPPY wrote this on OLD FARTS poem……

Mist coated ice creams

Crystal laden coffee

Mrs Wallace’s sweets

Crinckle crisps


Summers that forever rained

The reading books

For winters stage

Popping corks

White cliff chalks

Running nose that stained his clothes

Past an electric fire that cost a packet

The meter turned at his music racket

To dream while looking

Through cracked and brokem windows

Looking for flying saucers

Danger!OfficerSpecial Blaze for sale on E Bay from 5th September.

25th August 2009 Tuesday.

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All kicking off now for us at Trafalgar Square.

One & Other.

During our 1 hour on the plinth OLD FART will be giving away 200 limited edition signed and numbered art works for a donation of £1 or more to either the FFC or the BHF charity.

ART in a Packet!

ART IN A PACKET…..instead of Art that costs a packet.

Thanks Tino for your generous donating.


Wilmington Arms
69 Roseberry Ave
London EC1R 4RL

FRIDAY 11th September 2009

Featuring 5 Original Bands from the golden age of 1977

BLITZ” (two original members from the old Roxy band)

“OPEN SORE” (three original members from the old Roxy band plus two from ‘Tubeway Patrol’)

“THE TARTS” (three original members from the old Roxy band THAT include “Max Splodge on drums)

“T.H.E. (PETE NEWNHAM)” (two original members from the old Roxy band ‘Tiger Ashby’ and EX ‘Cockney Rebel’ member)

“THE NEGATIVES” (three original members from the band that released “Stake Out” & “Love Is Not Real”)

Wednesday 19th August 2009.

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On Thursday morning the 10th September 2009  at 0100hrs WE and OLD FART will be standing on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square taking part in One & Other an art project by Antony Gormley.

One o’clock in the morning is perhaps not the best time to be standing on a plinth in Trafalgar Square for one hour.  But like all the emergency services the time of day is of little importance. Because they are always ready.

Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break, different people will make the Plinth their own. Those taking part can use their time on the plinth as they like – to demonstrate, to perform, or simply to reflect. One & Other. Participants have been picked at random, chosen from the thousands who have entered, to represent the entire population of the UK. The rules are simple: you must stand on the plinth alone, for the whole hour; you can do whatever you want, provided it’s legal; and you can take anything with you that you can carry.

One person. One hour.
One & Other.

“Through elevation onto the plinth, and removal from the common ground, the body becomes a metaphor, a symbol… In the context of Trafalgar Square with its military, valedictory and male historical statues to specific individuals, this elevation of everyday life to the position formerly occupied by monumental art allows us to reflect on the diversity, vulnerability and particularity of the individual in contemporary society. It could be tragic but it could also be funny.”

Antony Gormley

Monday 17th August 2009.

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We will be on the fourth plinth will OLD FART on Thursday 10th September at 1 am until 2 am. He will be doing some arty farty stuff and while he does it he will promote the


Along with this major charity he will be mentioning the




Compton Verney.

All these charities are worthy of a mention while we and OLD FART are up on the plinth.

Please show your support for us and him.

There are buttons located on the right hand side of this blog to enable you to donate to these charities.

YELLOW FIRE HELMETS plastic for the use of will be given free when you donate at least £1 to the Fire Fighters Charity.

UPPYALF BADGES will be given free with a donation made at the plinth to any of the charities.

There are UppyALf ONE and OTHER badges and fan club badges.

Please help us and OLD FART reach his £999 Target.


We will

Sunday 16th August 2009.

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Fire Fighters Charity.


Blakey and Mrs Blakey.

11th August 2009 Tuesday.

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OLD FART got his Plinth Pack.


OLD FART and Plinth stuff.Zaiu and Girls.

5th August 2009 Wednesday.

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The Ickle Bulgars seem to be having a fun time here and so does Zaiu Nadka’s Wabbit. He was in the field today.

Little Hinka and Nadka.

One and Other.

We are not laughing so much about OLD FART and the 4th plinth because he has excepted the slot and we will have to go with him.

At first we were a bit distressed but we are ok with it now.

What a Plinther!

Zaiu in the field.

1st August 2009. One and Other.

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This came via E mail today.


We are laughing our heads off here as OLD FART has been chosen for a spot on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Yes between 1-2 am wednesday 10th September 2009.

Only OLD FART could be chosen for such an auspicious time and day for an arty farty event.

By day, the appreciative crowds have clapped, cheered, and encouraged the performers on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth. Television crews have filmed them, tourists have stared at British eccentricity, and art aficionados, fresh from the National Gallery, debate the true meaning of the Antony Gormley installation.

But after dark – when the crowds are replaced by a few passing stag parties and the obligatory gaggle of barefooted girls carrying their stilettos – the plinth is a grimmer place.

It is a lonely vigil at Gormley’s living portrait of Britain as – enduring more drunken abuse than artistic appreciation – a few take the stage, brave the dark and the rain and simply try to get through their performance unscathed.

He tells us that if his health holds up and he gets the support of certain folk he has a plan?

One & Other

His e mail reads.

Congratulations OLD FART! You have been chosen to take part in One & Other – Antony Gormley’s extraordinary live monument due for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Your name has been selected at random from the many thousands who entered the draw – you are one of just 2,400 people who will each take their place on the plinth for an hour, to create a living monument in a place that’s usually home to commemorative statues!

Your slot is 0100-0200 on Thu 10 September 2009. HA HA HA HA!!!

It is not possible to swap the time you’ve been allocated (though we’re sure you won’t want to lose it!). You may, however, decide not to accept it, in which case your name will remain in the draw until the end of the event, but of course there is no guarantee that you will be lucky enough to be allocated another place.

You must accept your place and create a personal profile within four days, or your place will automatically be offered to someone else.

Once you’ve created your profile, we’ll send you a welcome pack by post, which will tell you everything you need to know, as well as a dedicated email address for participants only which will allow you to contact a member of our team directly. We’ll also phone you at some point in the next couple of weeks to run through everything with you personally.

Thank you for taking part in this project, and many congratulations once again.

The One & Other team
One & Other is produced by Artichoke in partnership with Sky Arts