Wednesday 19th August 2009.


On Thursday morning the 10th September 2009  at 0100hrs WE and OLD FART will be standing on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square taking part in One & Other an art project by Antony Gormley.

One o’clock in the morning is perhaps not the best time to be standing on a plinth in Trafalgar Square for one hour.  But like all the emergency services the time of day is of little importance. Because they are always ready.

Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break, different people will make the Plinth their own. Those taking part can use their time on the plinth as they like – to demonstrate, to perform, or simply to reflect. One & Other. Participants have been picked at random, chosen from the thousands who have entered, to represent the entire population of the UK. The rules are simple: you must stand on the plinth alone, for the whole hour; you can do whatever you want, provided it’s legal; and you can take anything with you that you can carry.

One person. One hour.
One & Other.

“Through elevation onto the plinth, and removal from the common ground, the body becomes a metaphor, a symbol… In the context of Trafalgar Square with its military, valedictory and male historical statues to specific individuals, this elevation of everyday life to the position formerly occupied by monumental art allows us to reflect on the diversity, vulnerability and particularity of the individual in contemporary society. It could be tragic but it could also be funny.”

Antony Gormley

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