Sunday 30th August 2009

30th day of August 2009.


It is getting close now to OLD FART’s Plinthing Thing! I hope we wont have to cary him on there!

Silly OLD FART……..You would think he would have enough to do just getting out of bed in the morning.

We will of course do most of the work. And BLAZE is on offer to a good home on E bay from 5th September for 10 days.

Fire Fighters Charity.

Jeannette and Cees came again to England last week and visited OLD FART and LILY they must really love England as they now come every year. Cees he likes very much the Weatherspoons pub. Jeannette she like the field a lot.


Clomppen in the Field.

August Field


UPPY wrote this on OLD FARTS poem……

Mist coated ice creams

Crystal laden coffee

Mrs Wallace’s sweets

Crinckle crisps


Summers that forever rained

The reading books

For winters stage

Popping corks

White cliff chalks

Running nose that stained his clothes

Past an electric fire that cost a packet

The meter turned at his music racket

To dream while looking

Through cracked and brokem windows

Looking for flying saucers

Danger!OfficerSpecial Blaze for sale on E Bay from 5th September.

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