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Last day of September 2009. Wednesday 30th.

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Once upon a time there were creatures who weren’t anything like machines. They weren’t dependable. They weren’t efficient. They weren’t predictable. They weren’t durable. And these poor creatures were obsessed by the idea that everything that existed had to have a purpose, and that some purposes were higher than others.      These creatures spent most of their time trying to find out what their purpose was. And every time they found out what seemed to be a purpose of themselves, the purpose seemed so low that the creatures were filled with disgust and shame.      And, rather than serve such a low purpose, the creatures would make a machine to serve it. This left the creatures free to serve higher purposes. But whenever they found a higher purpose, the purpose still wasn’t high enough.      So machines were made to serve higher purposes, too.      And the machines did everything to expertly that they were finally given the job of finding out what the higher purpose of the creatures could be.      The machines reported in all honesty that the creatures couldn’t really be said to have any purpose at all.      The creatures thereupon began slaying each other, because they hated purposeless things above all else.      And they discovered that they weren’t even very good at slaying. So they turned that job over to the machines, too. And the machines finished up the job in less time than it takes to say, “Tralfamadore.”

Field 30th September 2009.

Went yesterday with Yung Un and OLD FART to see Blakey and took back the fire fighting gear.

Saturday 26th September 2009.

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back reflection

Is it magic?

Friday 18th September 2009.

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Compton Verney.


Thursday 17th September 2009.

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Digger Cave Clan with Minnie Me.

Digger and the Snappers the Clan Cave along with Mini Me.

Bryl with Blaze and us.

John and Pam Larke won Blaze on E bay for £47.

Field 17th September 2009.


The 9th of the 9th of the 9th started by waiting for Yung Un who had taken the wrong way going north to London he was due here at 08.30 but did not arrive until after 09.20. TWIT!

But we set off ok Lily OLD FART and YUNG UN. It was doing all sorts of weather on the way down rain, sun, wind. We arrived at Stu’s close to 11.30 am.

He was on the drive fixing his electric mirrors and YUNG UN helped him finish the job. The first thing he has ever done that was any good OLD FART said.. We messed around a bit and had some breakfast.

Then we were messing around with the video camera as Stu wanted to make movies and interviews. OLD FARTs stomach was not too clever I guess it is a nervous problem. Silly old fool. Before the time I was due on the plinth I reckon I had spent quite a while on the loo. We went for a walk into the local area and up The Balls Pond Road. Went into The Talbot Inn. This is just around the corner from Stu. Had meal Yung Un and OLD FART having sausage and mash and Stu and LILY having duck. OLD FART had to rush to the bog!

England beat Croatia 5-1 and in doing so qualified for South Africa 2010 World Cup with two games left to play. This is a first. Ever!

I am not quite sure how we got toTrafalgar Square.

Stu and YUNG UN  and LILY were taking photographs and we had to go through the check in routine with OLD FART. That was quite an ordeal as they checked us in and out and in again and out. This meant taking clothes off and putting them on.

This happened so many times that in the end I did not have a clue where we were. OLD FART strapped us to his tunic.

Strapped in.

We had a short audio interview and some photographs taken.

We all had to report to the cabin 90 minutes before my time on the plinth.

When 1am and my time to get into the JCB cherry picker came we were ready.

Graham Bow and Lynn had arrived and we had a brief moment to say hello.

Then we were off. In the JCB with all the stuff and being told to hold on again due to health and safety issues.

We were hoisted onto the plinth at 1am. The weather was fine not cold and not windy.

Graham and Lynn were now at the lower end of the plinth along with LILY and Yung Un and Stu. There were not many other people there at all. Maybe eight or ten people watching and they drifted off leaving just my friends and a guy called John (little John). I do not know what OLD FART would have done with this guy and our friends.

The lights were so bright up on the plinth that we could not see a thing. We could not see any of the square or the buildings on the National Gallery.

It went quick once it was over.

September 12th 2009 Saturday.

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We have been rushed off our tiny feet since goodness knows when. No time to BLOG here….So will try today and catch up a little.

YUNG UN us and Blaze.UppyALf tee

OLD FART had been so busy busy busy with this plinthing thing that we could not get on the computer to blog or send e mail’s.