Tuesday 10th November 2009.

Hello It has been a while since posting here but we really have not done a load of things.

The weather is poo! and OLD FART and LILY have just been messing about and playing on Farmville and Happy Fish and Cafe World….The doom heads.

Blaze was collected by his new owners we hope he is not stuffed on some high shealf or something of the like?

No Halloween Pumpkin! No fireworks!


John Pam Blaze

O we did get new jumpers and we went with OLD FART to Cheltenham to see some other OLDE FART’s playing in the town hall. BJH.

Old Fart and George in London.

UppyALf mellotron

Groupie BJH

BJH Cheltenham.

New Jumpers November 2009.

Richard Merc 8th November 2009.

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