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21st December Monday 2009.

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20th December 2009 Sunday.

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OLD fart is learning his Normandy cheeses for Mr Bean.

Neufchâtel cheese is produced in and around Neufchâtel in northern Normandy, and is probably the oldest cheese of this region. Historical documents regarding Neufchâtel indicate its creation in the year 1035. To protect this long tradition, the cheese received the AOC seal in 1977, ensuring its traditional craftsmanship and origin.

The slight tangy and sour soft cheese with white mould is available in six different shapes and sizes. Especially characteristic of Neufchâtel is the shape of a heart.

Petit-suisse is an unripened, unsalted, smooth and creamy cheese. It is made from cow’s milk enriched withcream so that it has approximately 40% fat content. The cheese is then smoothed and drained in a centrifuge. A typical cheese weighs 30 grams, and is packaged in a cylinder approximately 4cm high and 3cm diameter.

Petit-suisse may be consumed with sugar, as a dessert with jam or honey, or salted and peppered with herbs. It is also used inmeat stuffings. A mixture of petit-suisse and mustard is sometimes applied to rabbit to prevent the meat from degrading (falling apart) during cooking.

Pont-l’Evêque (AOC). Very popular in France, Pont-l’Evêque is an uncooked, unpressed cow’s milk cheese that is square in shape. The pâte is soft, creamy pale yellow in color with a smooth, fine texture and a pungent aroma. The washed rind is white with a gentle hint of orange-brown.

Camembert. Camembert is a world-renowned cow’s milk cheese from the Normandy region in northern France. This quintessential French cheese has a soft, white, bloomy rind; luxurious ivory pâte; and buttery, grassy flavor. The taste of a ripe Camembert is reminiscent of wild mushrooms.

Livarot (AOC). This ancient and noble cheese dates back more than 700 years, originating with the monks. A cow’s milk washed-rind cheese, it has an assertive aroma and nutty flavor. The pâte is semi-soft, creamy and smooth with small holes. The round cheeses are traditionally encircled with five strips of sedge or raffia.

Thursday December 17th 2009.

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Tuesday December 15th 2009.

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Well the weather is crap.