2010 January 1st Friday.

We spent this Christmas with The French Tart and Mr Bean and their two wee French winkies David and Anne Cecile.

OLD FART won the battle of the cheeses. He got all his five cheeses correct while Mr Bean only got 2 out of five “RUBBISH”!

Christmas Eve was a riot of Moon boot dancing.

We had a great time celebrating with all the OLD FRENCH  FROGS.

Anne Cecile took us to meet new friends TARIK he is living with Charlotte Bernardini.

We met several other new friends. Two lads in  the Cafe De Nuit in Arles where Vincent Van GOGH used to get pissed with his buddies.

While we were in Martigues it was Mr Bean’s birthday so of course we had a party. It was held at the Buffalo Grill.

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