Tuesday 8th June 2010


Michelle brought us these Tiny Traveller Dolls from South Africa.

We like them one is a Medicine Woman and the other a warrior. We like them a lot.

The women who make these Little Travellers, love making these symbols of hope. Each crafter gives each doll its own character, so each Little Traveller is unique.

We have over 100 beaders who are either affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and I can tell which women made which doll. When the beaders go out or come in to the Centre, they wear their Little Travellers as symbols of pride, hope and of what is possible.

Little Travellers continue to evolve and change. The range is extensive ranging from angels with wings, dreadlocked ravers, ABBA maniacs, Gogos (grannies) to mothers with babies. In short, there is a Little Traveller to suit every whim and individual.


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