Thursday 5th August 2010

A SPACESHIP “20 times the size of a football field” was seen hovering over Manchester Airport, it can be revealed today.

A sketch of the curious craft was sent to the MoD by a UFO expert in 1995.
He described it as oblong with a curved front and a series of small nozzles at the rear.
ALf was not really impressed by the sketch of this so called expert saying he had missed several important items.
On his home planet Sitem Ax12 this kind of craft would be used by children to travel to kindergarten but only on the 30th year of their second life span. This means that none of these shaped craft could ever have been seen in the area the man described in 1995 of the Earth year he must have mistaken a large display ice lolly on top of a Mr Cone ice cream van while laying in the gutter from an unusual angle  for a spaceship, on his way home from a Manchester City game. One which they beat Manchester Utd 10-0.
Besides No spaceship in any Galaxy worth its Gallipoot would fly to Earth or any other planet in this piece of junk.

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