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Saturday 30 October 2010

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Wednesday 27th October 2010

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Been into Compton Verney today making and directing volcano movies.

Monday 25th October 2010

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Sunday 24th October 2010

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Christmas is cancelled

The Goose has died of shame

The old man’s hat is stolen

And there are tears in the rain.

Thursday 21st October 2010

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Here are a few more images of our fantastic day out with John The Fish.

We saw a load of art! We went to The Baltic Fleet for lunch but Scouse was off the menu as it was not quite ready.

John was quite impressed as he had never been to Crewe.

As well as all the contemporary stuff we saw some really great paintings.

Louis Édouard Fournier and W. F. Yeames

An interesting fact about the Painting  When Did You last See Your Father.

Jane Babcock  a good friend of ours in Welford On Avon says that W.F.Yeames was her  Grandfathers uncle. The little boy in blue,  her Grandfather in this painting, and F.W Yeames was her Grandfathers Uncle. The little girl was the boys sister.

Yeames had said that he had painted this image for no political reason but because the boy was known to be very blunt and outspoken and never tell a lie and Yeames wondered what would have occurred had the boy been confronted with such a question.

Us with Hyacinth…..Blink UnBlink 2010

Saturday 16th October 2010

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Yesterday we went with OLD FART and John the Fish to Liverpool to see some art. This time John the Fish had to go for his MA course.

It was the Liverpool Biennial presents Touched,

There were many different venues around the city showing various contemporary Art. This included film, photography and painting.

“In a world packed with countless biennials, triennials and the rest, this madcap event in Liverpool remains distinctive and entertaining. The shows are scattered all over the city, often in pretty strange places, but the overall ambition — to introduce British audiences to up-and-coming international artists and trends — is adhered to excellently.” The Times.

Among the artists showing were Wolfgang Tilmann, Tehching Hsieh. Tilmann was the main reason for John having to go to Liverpool. Tehching Hsieh is an artist I have just discovered and does interesting work relating to repetition and time passing.

Wolfgang Tilmann.

Tehching Hsieh

One Year Performance (1980-1981)

Tehching Hsieh is an artist who has been mythologized since retiring from making art in 2000. In 1970s and 1980s New York, he made an exceptional series of artworks: five separate one-year-long performances.

The exhibition will focus on documentation of his performance ‘life work’, One Year Performance 1980-1981 (Time Clock Piece).

For one year, the artist punched a worker’s time clock located in his studio, on the hour, every hour. Marking the occasion by taking a self-portrait on a single frame of 16mm film, the resulting reel documents a year in his life at approximately one second per day – a pace that is polar opposite of the enduring length of the original performance. The punch cards, witnessed by a third party for authenticity, and other ephemera, document Hsieh’s life restructured around this highly repetitive task.

This will be the first exhibition of the Taiwanese-born, New York-city based artist’s work in Europe.

There were many other small galleries showing contemporary art Blink UnBlink was one such event that John wanted to see as a fellow student from Wolverhampton was exhibiting there.

UppyALf with Colin.

Kirsty E. Smith (link here for her images) makes sculptural works in response to her ongoing fascination with her surroundings, the domestic in particular. Her intention is to create work which resonates on a deeply emotive level and which acts as a vehicle to reconnect with a “place” or memory deep in our subconscious.

She is an experimenter and innovator who delights in working with a vast array of materials; juxtaposing the ordinary and luxurious, the cheap and expensive, the reclaimed and recycled.
Smith’s abilities to transform these into surreal sculptural forms all contribute to a rich and complex body of work. Her sculptures are vessels which hold and suggest many ideas simultaneously and it is quite possible to believe that Smith’s sculptures have an unseen life of their own.

Olwen Holland. Aftermath, is house as theatre. The staging of the crises, small or large, internal or external, brings the surreal and the domestic together. The work draws on many influences, including Dutch still life painting, and the writings of Gaston Bachelard, and J. G. Ballard.

Using photography and mixed media sculpture these prizewinning artists transport you to an alternative time and place. Surreal and uncanny narratives unfold.

UppyALf with Angie and John the Fish.

Wednesday 13th October 2010

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(‘.’) {‘_’}

The two symbols above represent UppyALf………………..

Monday 11th Ocober 2010

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Saturday 9th October 2010

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Friday 8th October 2010

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