Thursday 21st October 2010

Here are a few more images of our fantastic day out with John The Fish.

We saw a load of art! We went to The Baltic Fleet for lunch but Scouse was off the menu as it was not quite ready.

John was quite impressed as he had never been to Crewe.

As well as all the contemporary stuff we saw some really great paintings.

Louis Édouard Fournier and W. F. Yeames

An interesting fact about the Painting  When Did You last See Your Father.

Jane Babcock  a good friend of ours in Welford On Avon says that W.F.Yeames was her  Grandfathers uncle. The little boy in blue,  her Grandfather in this painting, and F.W Yeames was her Grandfathers Uncle. The little girl was the boys sister.

Yeames had said that he had painted this image for no political reason but because the boy was known to be very blunt and outspoken and never tell a lie and Yeames wondered what would have occurred had the boy been confronted with such a question.

Us with Hyacinth…..Blink UnBlink 2010

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