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Saturday 2nd October 2010

Posted in Stuffed. on October 2, 2010 by uppyalf

We have been with OLD FART and the Dutch Uncle’s and our friends in Hamsterjam.

We had a great time 2 nights in Hamsterjam with new and old friends. When The Moodies sang I Know Your Out There Somewhere.

Custard Head pointed and laughed when he saw us rocking our socks off.

Well we spent a few days in Hamsterjam with Old Fart and of course we went to see Old Custard Head and the Moodies. Great as always. We met Jeannette and Cees and The original Dutch Uncles Jan and Yvonne.

The Moodies were doing two shows. On the second and final night of their tour Gordy gave Old Fart his drum sticks. He handed them right off the stage.

We met lots of old friends and some new ones.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Measuring the Universe is a participatory artwork that evolves over the course of the exhibition, as museum attendants measure each visitor’s height and inscribe it on the gallery walls. Based on the tradition of marking a child’s height on doorframes as he or she grows, Measuring the Universe begins with empty white walls; however, as the exhibition progresses, the surface gradually darkens as the attendants record the presence of potentially thousands of museumgoers. The work is an ever-evolving wall drawing that is both a public performance and a collective document.

You can see our names and the date at the very bottom of this piece of wall.

This was in the gallery at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The picture above shows OLD Farts name and date. John 30.9.2010