Wednesday 3rd November 2010

The Girls are in London asking Parliament for fairness once again and it is 2010! Justice…..freedom…..Fairness …..what else is there?

Proud of them.

SPOOKY tape recordings of US military men investigating a UFO in British woodland 30 years ago have finally been released.

The airmen tramped through Rendlesham Forest in search of the source of mysterious night-time lights that looked like an alien spacecraft.

It became one of the world’s most famous UFO sightings – and has never been explained.

The tape begins with an American noting that local farm animals were behaving strangely.

He says: “They’re very, very active, making a lot of noise.

“Straight ahead. There it is again. Straight ahead. What is it? A strange, small red light.

“It looks maybe half a mile further ahead. There is no doubt about it, it is a strange flashing red light ahead.”

He continues: “I saw a yellow tinge in it too. Weird. It’s coming this way. It’s definitely coming this way.

“There is no doubt about it – this is weird.”

The servicemen were led by Colonel Charles Halt, of the local US Air Force Bentwaters base.

He reported the December 1980 incident to the Ministry of Defence.

Damage to trees was later found 18ft high.

ALf who said he was aware of all this fuss and it was caused when he had a slight malfunction in his Alfarradite locking compass and need to put the craft down in order to make a swift repair.

He did send a letter of apology the the ministry in control of the area but never had a reply to his Galactic postboxx address.

ALf  G P O boxx Sitem Ax12 00117

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