Thursday 18th November 2010

This is the emblem of the new UARP The UppyALf Republican Party. Never mind UKIP and NEW LABOUR and the COALITION.

This is the new true party of the people. Taking up once again the Sea Green Banner of THE LEVELLERS.

The Sun in Splendour on a blue sky background with a level playing field foreground representing the new dawn of united level thinking men and women of The United Kingdom. We can make this a heaven on earth.


2010 The UppyALf Republican Party is formed in Welford UK
2004 Clinton Library opens in Little Rock Arkansas, containing 2 million photographs and 80 million documents
1997 Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays expansion draft
1997 FBI says no evidence of foul play in 1996 TWA 800 crash
1997 Mavericks’ A C Green ties Randy Smith’s NBA record of 906 cons games
1997 Rare black pearl necklace auctioned for record $902,000
1997 Willem de Kooning painting, “Two Standing Women,” sold for $4,182,500
1996 Eappens hire Louise Woodward as nanny, later she’s charged with murder
1995 Jacqueline Aguilera Marcano, 19, of Venezuela, crowned 45th Miss World
1995 Sam’s Town Bowling Invitational won by Michelle Mullen
1994 “Star Trek VII – Generations,” premieres
1993 27 killed at prison in Morazan, El Salvador
1993 Black and white leaders in South Africa approve new democratic constitution
1993 NAFTA passes House of Representatives
1993 North-Siberia record cold for November (-55 degrees C)
1993 Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder arrested for public drunkiness
1993 WWF boss Vince McMahon charged with steroid distribution
1992 “Malcolm X” with Denzel Washington premieres in US
1992 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Las Vegas, Nevada on KXTE 107.5 FM
1991 France deports Marlon’s daughter Cheyenne Brando to Tahiti
1991 Moslem Shites release hostages Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland
1991 Auburn men’s basketball team was placed on 2 yr probation for recruiting violations and is not eligble for post-season play in 1991-92
1990 “Fiddler on the Roof” opens at Gershwin Theater New York City for 241 performances
1990 1st Solheim Cup: U.S. beats Europe 11 -4 at Lake Nona CC FLA
1990 NFL New York Giants beat Det Lions 20-0, to run 1990 record to 10-0
1990 Saddam offers to free an estimated 2,000 men held in Kuwait
1989 Penn is 1st to restrict abortions after Supreme Court gave states the right to do so
1987 31 die in a fire at King’s Cross, London’s busiest subway station
1987 Congressional committee reports on Iran-Contra affair
1987 Cubs Andre Dawson is 1st from last-place club ever to win an MVP
1986 Roger Clemens wins AL MVP
1985 Dwight Gooden (NL) and Bret Saberhagen (AL) win Cy Young
1985 Enterprise (OV-101) flies from Kennedy Space Center to Dulles Airport
1985 Howard Stern radio show returns to New York City WXRK 92.3 FM-afternoons
1985 Paul McCartney releases “Spies Like Us”
1984 “3 Musketeers” closes at Broadway Theater New York City after 9 performances
1984 72nd CFL Grey Cup: Win Blue Bombers defeats Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 47-17
1984 Browns set team records for most sacks (11)
1984 Flyers’ Ron Sutter fails on 11th penalty shot against Islanders
1984 New Jersey Devils shutout New York Rangers 6-0
1982 Mariasela Alvarez of Dominican Republic, crowned 32nd Miss World
1981 Phillies 3rd baseman Mike Schmidt wins his 2nd consecutive NL MVP
1980 “Heaven’s Gate” premieres
1980 Despite missing 45 games, George Brett wins AL MVP
1980 Honduras and El Salvador signs peace (after “soccer war” 1969)
1979 Ayatollah Khomeini charges U.S. ambassador/embassy espionage
1978 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1976 Spain’s parliament establishes democracy after 37 years of dictatorship
1976 Yankees sign free agent Don Gullett
1975 Black-Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver returns to U.S.
1975 Calvin Murphy (Houston) ends NBA free throw streak of 58 games
1973 Greek regime calls emergency crisis due to mass protests
1971 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
1970 Joe Frazier KOs Bob Foster in 2 for heavyweight boxing title
1970 Johnny Bench wins NL MVP
1970 Linus Pauling declares large doses of Vitamin C could ward off colds
1970 Netherlands and Albania form diplomatic relations
1970 Russia lands self propelled rover on Moon
1968 Military coup in Mali, President Keita ousted
1967 British government devalues pounds from U.S. equivalent of $2.80 to $2.40
1966 Sandy Koufax announces his retirement, due to arthritic left elbow
1966 U.S. RC bishops ends rules against eating meat on Fridays
1966 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1965 Twins SS Zoilo Versalles is named AL MVP
1964 Baltimore Oriole Brooks Robinson wins AL MVP
1964 J. Edgar Hoover describes Martin Luther King as “most notorious liar”
1963 Bell Telephone introduces push button telephone
1963 England’s Dartford-Purfleet tunnel under Thames opens
1963 King Hassan II opens 1st parliament in Morocco
1961 “Gay Life” opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 113 performances
1961 “Kwamina” closes at 54th St. Theater New York City after 32 performances
1961 John F. Kennedy sends 18,000 military advisors to South Vietnam
1961 U.S. Ranger 2 launched to Moon; failed
1960 Charlie Finley, makes a bid to purchase expansion LA Angels
1960 Copyright office issues its 10 millionth registration
1959 Washington Senator Bob Allison wins AL Rookie of Year
1958 1st true reservoir in Jerusalem opens
1958 Indians minority stockholders sell their stock to William Delay
1957 Tunisia refuses Russian weapons
1956 Morocco gains independence
1955 Bell X-2 rocket plane taken up for 1st powered flight
1954 Yankees trade Woodling, Byrd, McDonald, Triandos, Miranada and Smith to Orioles for Turley, Larsen and Hunter as part of an 18 player deal
1953 Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) accept female suffrage
1951 “See it Now” premieres on TV
1951 British troops occupies Ismailiya Egypt
1951 Former Cubs 1st baseman and future TV star of Rifleman Chuck Connors is 1st player to oppose the major league draft
1950 South Korea President Syngman Rhee forced to end mass executions
1949 NL batting leader (.342) Jackie Robinson wins NL MVP
1945 Arnold Schonberg’s Prelude for orchestra and mixed choir, premieres
1943 1st U.S. ambassador to Canada, Ray Atherton, nominated
1943 444 British bombers attack Berlin
1943 U-211 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
1942 Thornton Wilders “Skin of our Teeth,” premieres in New York City
1941 British troops open attack on Tobruk, North-Africa
1941 Jerome Chodorov/Joseph Fields’ “Junior Miss,” premieres in New York City
1941 Mussolini’s forces leave Abyssinia/Ethiopia
1940 George Matesky Mad Bomber’s 1st time-bomb
1939 Netherlands KNSM passenger ship Simon Bolivar hits German mine, 86 die
1936 Germany and Italy recognized Spanish government of Francisco Franco
1936 Main span of Golden Gate Bridge joined
1932 “Flowers and Trees” receives 1st Academy Award for a cartoon
1932 1st tie for Best Actor Academy Award Wallace Beery and Fredric March
1930 Musical “Smiles” with Bob Hope/Fred Astaire premieres in New York City
1930 Sjostakovitch’ opera “The Nose,” premiers in Lenningrad
1929 Dr. Vladimir K Zworykin demonstrates “kinescope”
1929 Large quake in Atlantic breaks Transatlantic cable in 28 places
1929 Stalin routes troops to Manchuria
1928 Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse debuts in New York in “Steamboat Willie”
1926 Pope Pius XI encyclical On persecution of Church in Mexico
1922 Turkish National Assembly nominates Abdul Medjid kalief
1920 Apollo Theater (Academy, Bryant) opens at 221 W 42nd St. New York City
1919 H Tierney and J McCarthy’s musical “Irene,” premieres in New York City
1918 Brussels free Stofnar
1918 Latvia declares independence from Russia
1916 General Douglas Haig finally calls off 1st Battle of the Somme in Europe
1913 Lincoln Deachey performs 1st airplane loop-the-loop (San Diego)
1912 Albania declares independence from Turkey
1911 Britain’s 1st seaplane flies
1911 Opera “Lobetanz” 1st American performance
1909 U.S. invades Nicaragua, later overthrows President Zelaya
1906 Langdon Mitchells “New York Idea,” premieres in New York City
1905 George Bernard Shaws “Major Barbara,” premieres in London
1905 Prince Carl of Denmark becomes King Haakon VII of Norway
1903 Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty gives U.S. exclusive canal rights in Panama
1902 Brooklyn toymaker Morris Michton names teddy bear after Teddy Roosevelt
1899 Trumper scores 208 in 185 minutes (1 five 25 fours) NSW vs. Qld
1894 1st newspaper Sunday color comic section published (New York World)
1894 1st comic strip “Origin of a New Species,” by Richard Outcault
1893 Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Providentissimus Deus
1889 Oahu Railway begins public service in Hawaii
1883 Antonin Dvorak’s “Husitska,” premieres
1883 Standard time zones forms by railroads in U.S. and Canada
1874 National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union organizes in Cleveland
1865 Mark Twain publishes “Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”
1852 State funeral of duke of Wellington (London)
1835 Charles Darwin travels to Tahiti
1833 Netherlands and Belgium sign Treaty of Zonhoven
1820 Antarctica discovered by U.S. Navy Captain Nathaniel B. Palmer
1805 30 women meet at Mrs. Silas Lee’s home in Wiscasset Maine, organizes
1805 Lewis and Clark reach Pacific Ocean, 1st Americans to cross continent
1805 Female Charitable Society, first woman’s club in America
1804 Palver Purim 1st celebrated to commemorate miraculous escape
1803 Battle of Vertieres, in which Haitians defeat French
1793 Louvre officially opens in Paris
1787 1st Unitarian minister in U.S. ordained, Boston
1776 Hessians capture Ft. Lee, NJ
1755 Worst quake in Mass Bay area strikes Boston; no deaths report
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlies troops occupy Carlisle
1742 Prussia and England sign anti-French military covenant
1738 France and Austria sign peace
1718 Voltaires “Oedipe,” premieres in Paris
1667 Treaty of Bongaja: King Hassan-Udin of Makasar and VOC
1626 St-Petruskerk in Rome, initiated
1497 Vasco da Gama reached the Cape of Good Hope
1494 French king Charles VIII occupies Florence
1477 1st English printed book “Dictes and Sayengis of the Phylosophers”
1424 Storm flood ravages Dutch coast
1421 Holland/Zealand dikes break in storm, 1000s killed
1421 Southern sea floods 72 villages, killing est 10,000 in Netherlands
1307 William Tell shoots apple off his son’s head
1210 Pope Innocent III excommunicates Roman Catholic Emperor Otto IV
1105 Maginulf elected anti-Pope Silvester I
794 Japanese emperor Kammu deallocates residence of Nara to Kioto

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