Thursday 28th April 2011

Old Fart and The Bad Cat went to visit Pride Park in Derby and Lichfield Cathedral

Lily and Big Hinka went too we met lots and lots of new friends.

One Jane had a tattoo on her leg in Cyrillic script saying JANE!

From Derby To Lichfield

From one religion to another

Was less than 30 miles

One built of concrete and steel

One of red brick sandstone

Both an illusion

That carries us through the days

Both soared towards the heavens

People drifted in and out

Bags full of pleasure

Money filling the coffers

One waits for Saturday

One waits for Sunday

When voices will sing in both

Loud around Hallowed turf

And hallowed ground

One and the same

One’s eyes can appreciate both

One’s heart can be lifted by both

You don’t even have to believe

In the dreams they represent

You can just accept that

They will deliver the goods

On the right day

To the right people

Pride Park and Lichfield Cathedral



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