Friday 27th May 2011 Earth date.Sitem Ax12 date approx 22347443.901

ALf’s home planet was not formed it was created by his race in a the form of a planet over many many millions of Earth years.

At least 7 million Earth years before ALf was born. It was constructed by every single habitant of SITEM AX12. The planet can travel linear as well as orbital.

A poem by ALf

The Rapture and Tribulation

You are on a spinning rock

That’s spinning and spinning

And always spinning

This rock is within a spinning cosmos spinning

You and it are never still, never fixed

You are boiled together in a spinning tail chasing cauldron

Both expanding and contracting

Heat and ice

Water and desert

Valley and mountain

Wild and calm

Even a tiny still pond in a breeze will move

Your rock is lit only by a ball of fire

That too spins within a spinning shifting tableau

Giant trees and distant hills

You thought forever fixed will fall

Rivers will dry and even seas

Mountains will fall

To be replaced by mountains or desert or seas

The land will alter and become something else

Your days for sure are limited

To what the body can stand

Small you are in this continual change

And beyond your rock things will continue to spin

No plan

No order

Only chaos

Wipe away the dust and it will return tomorrow

ALf is much taller on his own planet Sitem Ax12. He is the size of a tall human.

Due to the fact that there is much less Nitrogen in the Earth atmosphere ALf has had to reduce his size in order to breath.

Uppy was always the size he is now.

2 Responses to “Friday 27th May 2011 Earth date.Sitem Ax12 date approx 22347443.901”

  1. This is a great poem uppyalf. The outlook doesn’t look so great for us on the planet earth now does it? we a fixed….. This phenomenom seems to repeat itself in the history of the earth. Mysterious events that have wiped out entire civilizations. No one knows what happened in those times. Probably natural disasters like we have been seeing lately some would speculate. for example Atlantis……. This poem makes you think…. are our days numbered? maybe……. and I like alf short I dont mind cos he has a huge heart of gold!!!xxx

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