Friday 15th July 2011

Yesterday we went with OLD FART to Compton Verney to help him finish of his Nature guide book. They were very busy there doing some film making for TV or something we saw three of the actor type people. Alan Rickshaw, Colin Fifth And The footballer Cameron Daze. They were obviously working very hard sitting around on golden chairs supping coffee in the court yard. They were all a bit over dressed for a Thursday morning coffee session.

The thing with wheels is much the same but more modern version of Sir Stanley Spencer’s pram we think. We guess all arty farty types need such push along things to carry all there gear to and from wherever they are working.

This one was in far better nick than Stan’s! ( It could be a mobile coffee table).

OLD FART took some pictures of another field.

We also saw the Stanley Spencer exhibition which OLD FART really took a great interest in. The OLD PRAM really, really interested him he even did a sketch of it. It was just an old battered pram we have seen better than this thrown in a canal or tossed onto a tip. And as for the brolly? Well it would not have stopped a rain shower or even the sunshine it was so old and worn if it had been opened it would have simply fallen to dust.

Otherwise the paintings are worth taking a look at far better than OLD FART could ever hope to paint. He is now looking around in hedge rows and old charity shops for a pram like thing he can push around the village trying to be a real arty farty.

Having said all this it is a brilliant exhibition go and see it.

One Response to “Friday 15th July 2011”

  1. Uppyalf does Old fart read what you write? haha…. the paintings are great and yeah Old fart needs a really cool pram to push around so he can do all his artsy fartsy stuff……:))

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