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Monday 29th August 2011

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Friday 12th August 2011

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The Ministry of Defence did not carry out a thorough study of thousands of British UFO sightings since WWII because of a lack of resources and “higher priorities”, it has been revealed.

The admission was made in an internal memo disclosed today as the latest batch of the UK’s X-Files was released by the government.

The author of the 1995 note — a wing commander in top secret DI55, the branch of the intelligence staff responsible for assessing UFO reports — said that there WAS an intelligence interest in extra-terrestrials.

But he said the public perception of the unit as a “defender of the Earth from the alien menace” was “light years from the truth”.

And he revealed a lack of funds and higher priorities had prevented a full-scale study of sightings.


Following the memo, a limited investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) was commissioned by the MoD.

The secret four-volume report concluded in 2000 that UFOs did not pose a threat, eventually leading to the closure of the MoD’s UFO desk in 2009.

The UAP report was released to the public following a Freedom of Information request in 2006.

The report’s conclusions are summarised as “sightings can be explained as mis-reporting of man-made vehicles, natural but not unusual phenomena and natural but relatively rare and not completely understood phenomena”.

The sightings are revealed in the eighth batch of files to be released to The National Archives and contains 34 files covering 1985 to 2007.

The files include almost 9,000 pages of UFO sightings and incidents, photographs and drawings, RAF investigations, Freedom of Information requests, parliamentary briefings and government UFO policy documents.

Dr David Clarke, author of the book “The UFO files” and senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University said: “The famous catchphrase from The X Files was ‘the truth is out there’.

“Many people continue to believe the governments of the world know ‘the truth’ about UFOs and are concealing the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

“But I believe the truth is in these files. The files suggest that the UK government knows as much as we do about alien visitors and has no evidence to suggest we have ever been visited, despite the interest it has taken in sightings over the years.

“This is the truth, but will people believe it?”

Nick Pope, who used to work for the MoD, said: “These fascinating documents tell the extraordinary story of how some of us in the Ministry of Defence struggled to make sense of the UFO mystery and argued about how to handle the issue.”

Thursday 11th August 2011

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A FAMILY claim they were visited by aliens who called themselves Mork and Mindy – in East Dulwich.

The astonishing report emerged in new secret “X Files” released from the National Archives.

The mum and daughter said the incident happened after they spotted lights above their South London home.

They claimed they were later visited by two cops and the mysterious pair dressed in spacesuits in 2003.

The “aliens” carried a transmitter which kept clicking.

The family say when they contacted police later they were told ONLY two cops had visited them.

The files also revealed drawings of a UFO seen in Blackburn in 1979 and photos of a spacecraft over Retford Town Hall in Notts in 2004.

Drawing … of UFO seen in Blackburn in 1979

The files – covering 1985 to 2007 – contain 9,000 pages of UFO incidents and RAF investigations.

Mork and Mindy was a classic 1978-82 US sitcom about a friendly alien played by Robin Williams.

Wednesday 10th August 2011

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It what seems like a plot culled from a 1950s, B-movie. The enigmatic orange substance that descended on an Alaskan village last week has been identified as the eggs of an unknown animal!

A mysterious orange goo that appeared on the shore of the small Alaskan village of Kivalinahas have been identified as “millions of microscopic eggs filled with fatty droplets,” but researchers claim they still don’t know what the eggs might hatch, or if they are toxic. Janet Mitchell, City Administrator for Kivalina, had this to say about the goo:

The eggs were also found on at least one roof and in buckets set all over the village to collect rain water. City Councilwoman Frances Douglas, a 44-year native of the village, said the gooey, slimy substance was widely spread in streaks along the Wulik River and the lagoon, which is a half mile wide and six miles long. Orangey water was reported from as far away as the village of Buckland, 150 miles southeast of Kivalina.

Douglas remembers temperatures were colder in her childhood, gradually rising over the years. She wonders if climate change might have had something to do with the invasion of the eggs, which she estimated were evident in the village in a volume that was: “in excess of a thousand gallons, easily.

Even though the eggs appear to have dissipated, Mitchell — and other villagers — expressed concern about the eggs effect on her village’s food supplies and delicate ecosystem:

The village of Kivalina is an Inupiat Eskimo community located at the tip of an 8-mile barrier reef on Alaska’s northwest coast. Its 374 residents live largely off the land, and many are concerned about the effect on the local wildlife and plants from a substance never seen there before.

Orange-tinted water was reported in areas around Kivalina, as well. And reports that the cloud of eggs might have killed a lagoon full minnows brought new questions over whether the eggs might be toxic, or if the sheer volume of the eggs may have deprived the minnows of oxygen. In Juneau, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientist Jeep Rice said Monday:

Scientists also don’t know why the unidentified eggs suddenly emerged on the shores of Kivalina last week. Villagers say they’ve never seen such a phenomenon before. According to NOAA spokeswoman Julie Speegle:

Samples are being sent to a NOAA laboratory in Charleston, S.C., for further analysis. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation also sent samples Monday to the Institute for Marine Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

It’s worth noting that there have been anomalous “biological storms” in the past, such as the infamous red rain or “Blood rain” that fell on Kerala, India in 2001 or the hundreds examples of as yet unclassified viscous “Purple Globs” or “star jelly” that have mysteriously fallen to the Earth and displayed distinctly biological properties.

Monday 8th August 2011

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Sunday 7th July 2011

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We popped to Rosie and Jim’s today OLD FART had to fix Jim’s blue video machine player. But when we got there it was ok. It was fixed. All OLD FART had to do was connect his wotsit thingy into the hub and push and pull it a bit until it transferred some stuff from one to another. The video player was normal grey? Anyway OLD FART did the job. Rosie was fed up with her large painting of some bird being released into the wild and painted us instead. We think she got us wrong? ALf is the thinner one in the painting where as Uppy looks fatter maybe it was a concave mirror or something!

Saturday 6th August 2011

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