Wednesday 14th December 2011

Last night we went with OLD FART to his Compton Verney Christmas party…

It was great there were lots of new friends and at one point it looked like we would spread the cheer around the room but OLD FART got cold feet well it is winter.

The kids were doing very strange doings with bright yellow frogs that had appeared as if in a biblical plague from the Christmas crackers.

There were raffle gifts galore and wine and food and party hats. It was all great fun.

Cranmer one of the boss type dudes was moving on to pastures new.

Maybe he has gone to a stud farm.

The gave him all sorts of weird and wonderful gifts a loo being one of the items

So he has obviously got problems in the bits department.

He had cream, a pep up drink, plasters, biscuits, chocolate, books, a hat and eye patch plus a big pipe we defiantly conclude he is on something!

O yes he also had a big bucket?

Happy Christmas to all our friends.

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