Tuesday 20th December 2011

According to news reports Stonehenge and Glastonbury are Britain’s number one and two hotspots for UFO sightings, it has been revealed.

In just five years 27 calls were made to police describing alien events, official figures show.

The alerts include general sightings of UFOs, aliens and one case of alleged “alien possession”.

One caller in the Somerset town home to the famous music festival reported a UFO in their front room, claiming it had made their dog draw pictures on the window.

Others claimed there were saints looking in through their windows, or wanted to pass messages on from our intergalactic neighbours.

In February 2007 one caller rang police to say aliens had taken over their body. This was followed up in July when another caller believed having seen an alien across the road.

In 2008 two callers reported being taken over by aliens and a possible alien assault. In the same year a UFO was seen circling local sight the Tor as well as the town.

A giant mystery object spotted by astronomers near the planet Mercury could be an alien spaceship, UFO hunters claimed today.

The round ‘craft’ is as big as a planet and appeared from nowhere in images captured by a Nasa telescope.

The  Heliospheric Imager-1 telescope was taking pictures of a coronal ejection, a giant eruption, from the sun when the mysterious ‘ship’ turned up in a series of shots.

Papers said it could be a cloaked UFO next to Mercury.

Brian Lagg of the Alien Spotters Club

Said: “It’s cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle. It definitely looks like a ship to me, and very obviously, it’s cloaked.”

Nasa has said the object was created because of the way images were processed.

ALf said a cloaked UFO my arse it was a Sulluqinmir female ship dismantling its giant hoarding promoting its holiday homes.

The holiday home venture collapsed on Sulluqinmir due to the sea around the main resort of Sullu evaporating after the lord of Sertbrindor had stayed there for a long weekend and unpleasantly passed water and broke wind at the same time while swimming .

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