Sunday 15th April 2012

Three  fighter jets were scrambled after frightened residents including British expats spotted a UFO over the Costa del Sol.

The F18s and a military helicopter skimmed over the holiday hotspots of Marbella and Estepona at 5am.

Witnesses woken by a sonic boom created by the planes reported seeing a “gold, cigar-shaped object”.

James Harnetty, 30, from London, said: “The aircraft were definitely after something. Police said they were baffled too.”

Expat radio host Maurice Boland said: “My grandchildren were crying, the dogs were going mad and lights were going on in houses all over the place.”

Officials declined to comment. But days later two Typhoons broke the sound barrier when they were scrambled amid sightings of a golden “sock-shaped” UFO overSomerset.

A ufo buzzes through the sky in a sighting that has got alien hunters in a spin.

The mystery white object floated into view as a passenger jet soared through the skies over South Korean capital Seoul at the weekend.

A quick-thinking passenger pointed his camera at it, watching as it appeared to change course and climb before shooting off.

The sighting was captured on Saturday and uploaded on YouTube by Crazy breaking news who said: “It looks a little bit strange and not really similar to the other videos.

“If it’s really real and not a fake, it looks like a kind of military drone.”


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