Friday 27th July 2012

Yesterday we went with OLD FART and the magnificent 7 to face Sir Oron at the Tripebunial in Birmingham. We were there in support of an elderly couple who were being targeted by Sir Oron over a small dog.

Sir Oron made us feel very angry and we  felt despair at the way the he at the RPT on Thursday 26th July 2012 treated these 80 plus year old home owners. Today for us he reached a new low.

We thought we had seen him at his worst but we now know that we were wrong.

The man was a disgrace.   He is a fit young runner in his thirties who cross questioned this 80 plus very deaf, very nervous lady who was very frail in her body and spirit over her cardio vascular issues and suggested that she should have enough about her to be able to exercise and keep herself healthy without the need of a dog.

We wish we could have walked out at this point and we could have stood in front of the tribunal saying SHAME ON YOU!…


In our opinion the RPT should have too.

We feel physically sick at present, and we are angry and once again feel that our life is ruled by such a man as this.

We have been fighting for our rights and we are getting the benefits that the Justice Campaign is winning but against such a vile creature as Sir we can still only continue to grow angry and despair at the lies and corrupt and even evil way he treats honest elderly people who have struggled and worked hard and honestly all their lives.

Having said all this, while there are such generous and honest and kindhearted people who show nothing to us other than their will to give their time to help others in need.

Such a person as Alan Savory, who yesterday and the evening before showed us the human races better side, we can continue to have hope that people such as Alan Savory can make a better world for our children’s, children’s children.

Today OLD BAGG got the champers out and we had a little celebration before The OLY IM PIX started.


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