Wednesday 12th September 2012

Yesterday we went with Lily and OLD FART to Ludlow.

Lily had wanted to go for a while and this was the first chance we had.

As we were leaving Ickle Ted cried he wanted to come so come he did.

It was an all round pleasant day but The Castle was closed OLD FART thought the gate keeper was joking as the castle never closes on a Tuesday. But It was closed so we pottered about and visited the church and then called in at Bromyard this too was closed as was the famous TIME MACHINE MUSEUM.

ALf was so surprised and said the museum is a fake. As he states correctly that a real time machine museum would never be closed. How could it because they would simply travel back and forth to allow visitors in whenever they arrived at what ever time and date they arrived. This makes sense to me.

We found an old clothes shop that must be owned by Ei Ei…and another shop that must be owned by Mo and Clive..

Heber Rickards was born in 1837 , the fourth son of James a farmer from Wistanstow. He served his apprenticeship with Coopers in Castle StLudlow before moving to Maidstone Kent for further experience. Heber purchased No7 Bull Ring from his father, James, in 1866 and his family lived above the shop before adding No6 to the business in 1871. Edward Rickards who was born in 1867, purchased the properties from his father in 1913 and was running the ironmongery business well before Heber’s death in 1922.

Rickards became an incorporated business with limited liability in 1935 with the directors being Edward Rickards, William Munns and Giles (J G) Lloyd who had joined the business after serving his apprenticeship in Kettering.

Jim (J B) Lloyd joined his father in the business before serving in the Second World War having served his apprenticeship at Taylors in Monmouth. Edward’s death in 1946 resulted in the Rickards family ceasing their involvement in the business after over 80 years.  The business however survived, being lead by Giles Lloyd and his son Jim. Giles died in 1951 and Jim continued to develop the business as Builders and Plumbers Merchants together with Vic Hicks until Jim died in 1975.

Following Jim’s death Vic ran the business with Sybil Marsh and the continuing  support of the Lloyd family until 2000 when Vic died after serving the Rickards’ business for well over 50 years. Today the Lloyd family remains committed to the Rickards’ business as it moves closer to its 150th year of trading. The team is now capably lead by Phil Maile who preciously guards the Rickards’ traditions.

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