Wednesday 10th October 2012

Today we met in the woods with Forest Teacher Vix at Compton Verney’s Forest School session.

It was a lot of fun as we had to find worms and weight them and snails and race them.

OLD FART cheated as he found a slug and and empty snail shell and placed the shell on the slugs back because it was moving much faster than the very sleepy snails.

Once they woke up Big Tom raced off and Gardener Gary’s ickle snail who we named Clint Eastwood as he had no name was entered late, under weight and unofficially. Then it went on to win the race.  Big Tom, Sid, Monty, Kevin, Fred, Sonia and the others including the Slug dressed as a snail all went in the wrong direction and were disqualified.

Forest School sessions offers a unique experience to teach all aspects of the curriculum through focused activities that are designed to be structured but not directive, allowing freedom and space for children to explore and experience their environment for themselves.

Each child can be involved in projects and activities that promote overall development and well- being, with each group being encouraged and supported in making their own decisions and informed choices to problem solve and to keep themselves and each other safe and happy.

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