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Friday 23rd November 2012

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We have become part of the infrastructural now at Compton Verney with quite a few of the happy helpful staff sporting UppyALf mugs.

Becky and Jess are the latest happy UppyALf fans.

Saturday 17th November 2012

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France has closed a mountain to visitors. Why?

Ickle Ted has been to  Bugarach to investigate the closing of the mountain Pech de  Bugarach

Thousands of Hippies have been turned away and re housed in hostels as yet another approaching end of the world scenario waits in the wings. Ickle Ted could not find any evidence for any alien involvement. ALf who is quoted as telling Ickle Ted before he headed to France that he would not be able to make the trip with him to the mountain as his calendar dates for major end of the world events was full until 3116.

The mountain that has attracted New Agers since the 1960s has been revealed to be home to an alien space craft. When the world ends in less than nine months, the aliens waiting inside the ship will save all the humans nearby and transport them to a new age.

That’s what a growing group of hippies in the Pyrenean village of Bugarach are telling themselves, anyway.

As the date – 21st December – approaches, rituals on the Pic de Bugarach grow more and more bizarre. The locals have grown used to seeing New Age climbers in the nude, and now hikers have been seen carrying a ball with a golden ring up the mountain, strung together by a single thread, amongst other strange activities.

The area has seen a spike in interest from hippie hikers – Jean-Pierre Delord, the village’s mystified mayor, told the Independent that more than 20,000 people have climbed the mountain this year alone to see the ‘alien garage’.

He has asked the French authorities to send the army if things get messy; the BBC reports that a special parliamentary committee has already warned that sects may be considering mass suicides in 2012.

France’s sect watchdog, Miviludes, is keeping an eye on the situation – which seems to be escalating. Over 100,000 are expected to pilgrimage to the mountain in time for doomsday. And this is not just a local phenomenon – American travel agencies have started offering one-way deals to the village to witness the end of the world.

Delord describes the situation as ‘bewildering’, but hopes that ‘after 21 December, this will surely return to normal.’

And what then? ‘I’m sure we’ll have a little fete to celebrate that we’re still alive.’ The mayor remains philosophical – ‘I suppose it’s up to each of us to find our own way.’

The picturesque town of Bugarach in southwest France has an unusual tourist problem: More visitors are preoccupied with witnessing UFO’s than soaking up the local culture.

The town of approximately 200 people at the base of the Pic of Bugarach mountain is at the center of a few odd predictions including one that prophesies that aliens will arrive at the mountain on “doomsday,” according to Reuters.

Jean-Pierre Delord, the town mayor, has become uneasy with the influx of visitors especially as he expects the number of visitors to increase exponentially around December 21, which is the date many online conspiracy theorists are predicting the “end of the world.”

“These blasted prophets from all over the world have turned our mountain into some sort of UFO garage,” Delord, who has asked the French army for help, told Reuters last year.“The end result is that all these fanatics are coming here to hide out.”

A report released last summer by Miviludes, the French sect watchdog, explained the potential dangers of “doomsday” groups congregating. The agency is concerned that the groups gathering for “the end of the world,” including those at Bugarach, could be involved in mass suicides.

According to The Independent, up to 100,000 people could visit the site by December 21.  However, a few enterprising individuals have found that the end of the world can have a silver lining. American travel agents are offering one-way deals to the site, according The Independent, and a neighboring village has produced a wine for the occasion.

On December 21 2012?

Where have the well-meaning “experts” got it wrong?
How exactly will millions of people be affected?
How will your world be turned upside down…forever?!
How can you safeguard your life…and the lives of your family members.

These questions are answered because you really can survive – and spiritually thrive – in the wake of this life-changing event – in this life-changing period.

December 21st  2012 looks to be the most important date for all of Humanity.

The ancient Mayans created the Long Count calandar to mark this date – as the beginning of a new cycle for Mankind

December 2012 Doomsday

Top Reasons Why 21-12-2012 is the Most Important Date in Mankind’s History

If there is one day that the entire mankind is eagerly waiting for, then it has to be 21st December 2012. If there is something that many of the major religions have in common then it must be on December 2012 Doomsday predictions. Almost every major religious text has got references to this being the time when major changes could occur in our planet. Among all the references, perhaps the most significant and well known is the prediction of December 2012 Doomsday by the Mayan Calendar. According to the world will enter a new age on the particular date. With the Mayans civilization being extremely knowledgeable in both astronomy and mathematics, the prediction has generated lot of interest around the world. Let us take a look at 4 top reasons why the December 21st, 2012 is so important.

1. The Mayans were extremely skilled in creating mathematical and astrological apparatus and they created their calendar 3,500 years ago. The calendar clearly mentions that there would be major changes that would take place in the world, come December 2012 Doomsday.

2. There are many among the scientific community who believe that due to global warming, solar storms would be entering the earth in large quantities by 2012 and this could trigger off a series of catastrophes. This is how they feel that the Mayan December 2012 Doomsday prediction would ultimately destroy all life on earth.

3. There are many geologists who believe that there could be major volcanic eruptions around the world in 2012. This is being equated with the December 2012 Doomsday prediction and being seen as one of the ways that the world will be destroyed, if it were to occur.

4. A vast majority of people who believe in the Mayan Calendar predict that there could be mass destruction of life on earth in the year 2012 because of the shift of earth’s two poles.

Bugarach – the MysticMountain

Val Wineyard

Bugarach, population 189, is a peaceful farming and wine-growing village in the Corbières, a mountain region in the south of France, and sits at the foot of the mountain of that name.

I became interested in writing about Bugarach because I believe it is on the route that Mary Magdalene and Jesus took when they crossed these Corbières mountains from the French Mediterranean coast during Roman times, specifically 33AD.

The mountain, 1230m high, is known as “The Crossroads of the Four Winds”  and also as the Mountain-with-its-feet-in-the-air, because it once blew up and the top part of it landed upside-down-down.  There does seem to be more of it above than below.  It dominates the south of Aude; you can see it from almost everywhere.  It is an orientation point – they used it to orientate Monségur, the “last stand of the Cathars”, because compasses don’t work on the pog.

The mountain is a dormant volcano; ariel photos clearly show its crater.  It is full of limestone caverns and the internal fires still raging deep down give rise to the hot springs that flow down towards Rennes-les-Bains from Sougraine in the form of the River Sals.  The water is also slightly radio-active.

If you climb up the mountain after sunset, you will hear strange noises and see strange lights (some brave souls have done it) and the legends of strange lights and flying saucers are tumbling over each other for recognition.  Your ears start buzzing – well, so would mine after that climb!  Then you’ve got to get back down in the dark.   Most of the reports of UFOs are sightings of clouds, and it is rare day when no cloud hovers over Bugarach and its crater.

Underneath the mountain, legend says, is a huge lake, on which space-ships can sail, until such time as they need to return to their native planets.  This is strange, because other legends say that underneath Bugarach is the grand forgotten continent of Lemuria.  You can still find web-sites about “The People of Mu”; a sacred race.

This is all nonsense, for the Lost Continent of Lemuria, which existed a mere 44,000 years ago, was a fictitious Victorian imaginary place, popular with the psychics and seers of Victorian London.  (See Wikipedia.)  Today Rennes-le-Château, however, is competing for this legend – the Temple of Lemuria, built over a sacred spring, stood on the plateau beneath the citadel of Rennes,

Bugarach is also apparently an outpost of Atlantis, the legendary utopian civilisation where all was sweetness and light, that existed somewhere near Iceland about 12,000 years ago, and then disappeared but meanwhile gave its name to the Atlantic Ocean.  There are some rocks between Bugarach and Mont Cardou, just to the north of Rennes-les-Bains, called The Gates of Atlantis.

Some of these legends are patently ridiculous, but people cling to them as though they are pets.  The village of Bugarach, at the foot of the mountain, is very concerned.  I have a press cutting from 2007, saying the maire was seriously worried.  “Strange pilgrims” he said, “Have paid a ransom for houses that now have esoteric names.  I’m afraid these are owned by sects or cults.”  In short, mystic fever exists.  “They have made the peak sacred, some of them are even searching for the grave of Jesus Christ.”   The newspaper observed that it was true – the village of Bugarach and its mountain had caught Rennes-le-Château fever.

The latest report (late 2010) is that the harrassed maire he will call out the army if necessary, for strange people are already gathering so that the aliens can lift them off the mountain and save their lives when the world ends in 2012, according to the Mayan calendar.  If I remember correctly, (I saw it on a film I have, called “What Time Is It?”) the Mayans said that TIME would end, not the world.  But they were wrong – for the Mayans no longer exist, do they?  Their time stopped a long time ago.

Let’s get back to real history.  In the year 889 the village was called Villa Bugario, implying it belonged to a Roman called Bugarius.  Many villages in Languedoc whose name ends in -ac were of Roman origin, and by 1194 the village was called Ste Marie de Bigarach and it was known as Bugarach by 1781.  I think we can assume that the settlement of Bugarach started its life in Roman times, around 70BC, if not a little before.  It would have been well-established when Mary and Jesus passed on their way to Rennes-les-Bains and they probably stayed overnight there.

The story that Bugarach was named after the children of Jupiter, Bug and Arach, is a children’s fairy tale.  After the Crusade against the Cathars, who supposedly had a faith descended from that of the Bogomils (but it has been proved they didn’t) the legend arose the mountain was named after the Bulgares, Bogomils or even Buggers!!!

I have found no trace of the name Bugario or Bugarius in Roman history, but that doesn’t mean one didn’t exist, of course.  After all, the Roman soldiers who colonised Gaul came from all over the Roman Empire; after serving their time, they were entitled to Roman citizenship and were often asked, during the last years of their service, to act as colonisers and take their soldiers, their soldiers’ families and their own families with them.

The Victorian writer from Carcassonne, Louis Fédie, says the village was originally a Celtic oppidum, which became Gallo-Roman.  This implies it was a position that guarded the old road, which would have been Celtic before it was Roman – it was certainly a Celtic packhorse route before it reached Rennes-les-Bains.  Fédie says the church was built in Visigothic times, that is sometime before 769AD.  It was originally consecrated to St. Anthony the Hermit, a third century saint, as is the hermitage in the nearby Gorge of Galamus.  Still today, every Ash Wednesday, there is a procession through Bugarach village, featuring a hermit who carries a cross.  On the cross is a horse’s collar with bells on it – and also strings of pork sausages!  This is because St. Anthony the Hermit is the patron saint of pork butchers.  The pig, usually a jolly fellow featured in pictures of him, is supposed to represent the dreadful temptations Anthony suffered in the desert – the Devil was particular keen to tempt him into “fornication.”  The saint resisted magnificently and didn’t die until he was 84.

The church at Bugarach has lots of “pagan” symbolism in it.  There is only one depiction of Christ – he is on his cross and his eyes are open, implying that he didn’t die.  One enters the church to see the altar at the far end – and on either side of the altar is a plaque of a grail cup.

In the church has a mysterious stained-glass window.  It shows a boat with a sail, and on the mast of the boat is a wheel, bearing a marked resemblance to the Wheel of Fortune of the Tarot cards.  The sun is setting to the right; and high in the sky on the left is a crescent moon.

This window is really in remembrance of Jules Verne, who often holidayed in the village.  Bugarach inspired many of his novels, especially “A Journey to the Centre of the World.”  On the mountain are many fissures in the rock that nobody has dared to go down yet!   He also wrote a mystic book called Clovis Dardentor, published in 1896.  The story is about a sailing boat – and the Captain was called Captain Bugarach and described as “he who is the master of the quartering wind.”

On a side entrance from the church is a skull and crossbones – surprisingly often found in Christain churches of the Ariège/Aude region in Languedoc.  This invites us, as the freemasons do, to meditate on our mortality.

In the church is a plaque to the Book of Seals – a secret book of the Cathars reputed to be solemnly opened only at Bema – Easter Sunday – according to the book “The Secret Message of Jules Verne,” by Michel Lamy, which is on sale at Rennes-le-Château.  However, I’m not convinced of this.  If the Cathars celebrated Easter it was not as we know it today, for they did not like the Crucifix, believing Jesus was immortal right from the beginning and so they did not celebrate the Resurrection.  The book in Bugarach church is probably the Jewish Book of the Seven Seals – with a Paschal Lamb above it, yuk, a poor little corpse representing Jesus!

 Bugarach has a ruined 13th century chateau, with only one tower of four still standing.  In 1967 SESA member (Société d’Eudes Scientiques de l’Aude) Marie-Louise Durand, discovered in a lower room of this last tower a set of drawings from the 13th and 14th centuries.  It sounds as though somebody was drafting something, for the design included lines and points, which connected to make four pentacles, and a swastika.  A pentacle also exists inside the porch of the church, above the door of the shrine.

Lastly, there is another mysterious connection here  – with Rennes-le-Château.  Marie d’Ables de Nègre, from Niort, married her cousin François de Hautpoul Blanchefort, from Rennes-le-Château, in 1752 and the wedding took place in Rennes-le-Château, where the couple subsequently lived.  This wedding united two parts of the Blanchefort families – and the village of Bugarach was included in the deal.  Although the Bishop of Alet-les-Bains officiated, and four lawyers attended and signed the marriage certificate as witnesses, the second and third banns were not called and it all went through in less than a week.

Why the hurry?  Something was going on.  One story is that Marie d’Ables inherited from her mother certain papers about Bugarach that the other side wanted, papers that lawyers later refused to release.  Speculation has since been rife.  Could Bérenger Saunière have found these papers, or copies of them, when he renovated his crypt?

The commune of Bugarach includes the mountain – and the prevailing legend, possibly inspired by those who know about Marie d’Ables, is that Jesus, and possibly Mary Magdalene as well, are buried there.  That was the knowledge that they got married to protect.  Marie d’Ables and her husband lived at Rennes-le-Château, she came there from Niort, but of course they could have stayed sometimes in the château at Bugarach.

Just recently, a book has been published by Claire Heartsong called “Anna, the voice of the Magdalenes.”  The book describes how “channeling sessions” revealed that Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary, plus Mary Magdalene and many others, came to Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer, then travelled to Narbonne, then followed the Aude to Couiza, then followed the old Roman road which passed Rennes-les-Bains, on to Bugarach.

This is strange, for I am convinced Mary and Jesus followed the road in the opposite direction.  I don’t believe Anna (who is never mentioned in the Bible) was still alive in 33AD, and there is evidence that Jesus’s mother Mary went with Joseph of Arithmathea to Anglesey.  But I only read history books – I have no contact with spirits . . . .

Friday 16th November 2012

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Monday 12th November 2012

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A giant ‘Super Earth’ has been discovered relatively close to our solar system which may be capable of supporting life.

The planet was found orbiting around HD 40307, an orange star which is about three-quarters as large as our sun.

It is located in the Pictor constellation, about 42 light years from Earth, and has at least six planets.

The first of the planets orbiting the sun was confirmed in 2008, but none were thought to have the correct conditions for life.

But now a massive, rocky world about seven times as massive as the Earth has been found in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ of the solar system, where water should be able to exist in liquid form on its surface.

The planet orbits HD 40307 every 320 days, and is tantalisingly similar to our home in several respects.

Unfortunately, closer study of the planet is not possible for now, because the planets do not pass in front of their star relative to the Earth.


The High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher telescope used to find the planet uses small shifts in the light from various stars to detect planets. But doing so is extremely difficult at such long distances, when the light’s path is interfered with by solar flares and magnetic storms.

New and more accurate instruments would be needed to confirm that the planet is indeed as similar to Earth as thought.

Astronomer Steven Vogt, with the University of California’s Lick Observatory, told Discovery News that the team might be able to add more planets to the system in future.

It is also thought that future telescopes would be able to peer at the worlds in more detail in future.

Saturday November 10th 2012

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We donned fake moustaches for MOVEMBER!


Friday November 2nd 2012

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ALf says that EVE online is the nearest thing to real inter galactic travel you will find on your home computer.

Introducing New Eden and the World of the Capsuleer

The world of EVE Online centers on a dense cluster of star systems connected to one another by a vast network of stargates. These gates allow for near instantaneous travel between linked star systems, of which there are over 5,000 in the network. The core of this cluster, called New Eden by its inhabitants, is controlled by four major empires that constantly vie with one another.

These core powers are the Amarr Empire, CaldariState, Gallente Federation and MinmatarRepublic. Beyond the interior of the cluster lie the outer regions, lawless zones where the independent space captains of EVE, the capsuleers, contend with one another for supremacy. Outside even these perilous regions exist the Jove Empire, an enigmatic power that rarely shows itself, and the mysterious realms of wormhole space. The capsuleers constantly seek means to exploit the planets, systems and regions of New Eden, and their power is on the rise.

The Social Universe

The EVE universe is inhabited by many peoples and diverse personalities, the most varied of which are the capsule pilots in their self-made societies. The core empires are controlled by powerful men and women, sitting at the apex of corporate and government power structures. The destinies of trillions living on the planets of the Amarr Empire, CaldariState, Gallente Federation and MinmatarRepublic are in the hands of these rulers and the forces they command. The peoples of the empires strive to survive and prosper in an age of extremes. While they acknowledge those who rule in the core worlds, the toiling populations both fear and admire the most extreme personalities of all: the capsuleers.

Capsuleer technology is in use in all the empires and there are independent pilots from all the major races. While some capsuleers choose to remain loyal to their home empires, many have taken very different paths and operate beyond the core and often beyond the law. Fame and fortune can be found as a loyalist, to be sure, but the most notorious and well-known pilots are very often outer region warlords, pirates or freedom fighters. Some capsuleers have even found fame with the extreme opposite of loyalism, advocating anarchy and libertarian posthumanism. Yet others have taken darker paths, supporting the outlaw cartels of the Angels, Guristas and Serpentis. Even Sansha’s Nation has its capsuleer adherents.

A Vast Diversity

While it embodies the principles and ideals of its Gallente founders, the Federation is made up of several different peoples living within the only classically democratic empire in the New Eden cluster. Aside from the ethnic Gallente, the major member races of the Federation are the Intaki, Jin-Mei and Mannar. The Intaki and Mannar were founder members of the Gallente Federation, and are well established throughout its territories.

The Intaki in particular have a talent for administration and diplomacy, and have produced several noted Federation Presidents. The Mannar are by temperament a loyal and determined, even stubborn, people, and provide a significant proportion of the intake of the Federal armed forces. The Jin-Mei are a more recent addition to the Federation and have had some difficulty adapting their traditional caste system to the libertarian ways of the Gallente political system. In addition to the home races, the Federation plays host to a very large Minmatar population and significant communities of other races. The Federation’s relatively relaxed attitude to immigration and its undoubted freedoms have proved attractive to many able to make the journey from their home empires.

A considerable number of capsuleers are trained in the Gallente Federation every year and many go independent upon qualifying. Most of these capsuleers had tended to be either Gallente or Intaki, but a large number of Jin-Mei have begun to take up the challenge of the captain’s life in recent years. Capsuleers of Federation origin are very diverse indeed and while some join the Federal Defence Union militia, many take up their own affairs immediately, whether in business or in less peaceable activities.

This is how Uppy created ALf’s eve character to appear in EVE.

ALf chose to be a Gallentean they value freedom and individual liberty above all else.

The Gallente Federation is the only true democracy in the world of EVE.

Gallente Females are considerate and kind, spirited, out-going and lively. They value self-empowerment and can be very creative and resourceful

Gallente Males are driven and ambitious. They often act self-righteously and are generally very opinionated. They can be very courageous when they feel their way of life is threatened

Gallente of 8th gender as ALf is are truly righteous and the most understanding and forgiving  beings in any universe .

ALf has travelled to each and every speck of the entire expanding and contracting universe both in space and time.

ALf knows everything but chooses to allow the human race to continue to experiment and find its own way.

He has studied many iconic leaders and finds The Buddha most to his liking of all the Earth’s icons. ALf believes if only we Earth people could try the way of Buddha if only in our minds then things would improve for all the souls on Earth.


ALf was born at an Earth date approximately 3.5 million EARTH  years ago on a planet called, Sitem Ax12 That is the closest name we can make out in relation to English. It resides in the Galaxy we have named NGC 3314 and consists of two large spiral galaxies which just happen to almost exactly line-up. The foreground spiral is viewed nearly face-on, its pinwheel shape defined by young bright star clusters. But against the glow of the background galaxy, dark swirling lanes of interstellar dust are also seen to echo the face-on spiral’s structure. The dust lanes are surprisingly pervasive, and this remarkable pair of overlapping galaxies is one of a small number of systems in which absorption of visible light can be used to directly explore the distribution of dust in distant spirals. NGC 3314a is about 140 million light-years away in the southern constellation of Hydra.. Alf calls this star cluster  “Hateem”. HOME.

What the Earth Bound Wikipedia Says: of  NGC3314.

NGC 3314 is a pair of overlapping spiral galaxies between 117-140 million light-years away in the constellation Hydra. The foreground galaxy (NGC 3314a) is seen almost directly face-on. This virtually unique arrangement gives astronomers a chance to measure the properties ofinterstellar dust that create the dark areas silhouetted against the background galaxy (NGC 3314b).

While searching for overlapping galaxies in April 1999, two astronomers from the University of Alabama were the first to image the deep sky object in enough detail to tell that it was in fact two galaxies. In a March2000 observation of the galaxies, a prominent green Star-like object was seen in one of the arms. Astronomers theorized that it could have been asupernova, but the unique filtering properties of the foreground galaxy made it difficult to decide definitively. ALf says that this GREEN is the spot where his HOME is located.

ALf’s Child Time.

ALf spent his early years this would be between 3.5 and 3.7 million Earth years on his home planet studying mathamatics and science.

Rapid growth is normal amongst the residents of ALf’s home. And  this initial growth would find ALf fully mature. He we call ALf he because he prefers that is really NON-SEXED he has no bits and his species reproduce by thinking about it.

ALf was an adventure stricken soul and at an early age he designed and built a craft that could take him anywhere he wanted. This he has found since his early days is now completely unnecessary. He only has to think of a destination or look and decide at a location in the sky above where ever he is and he can transport himself there at once. MIND POWER.

He has been in many different galaxies and can even be in several places at the same time.

Some people say they have seen him in places and at times in the history of this Earth and this is in fact true. People choose it to be an illusion as most of the human species cannot believe in what Alf can really do.

ALf decided to come to Earth in 1952 to coincide with the birth of a certain human.

ALf was living in a store room at the back of a charity store in the 1970’s and although he went out and about with his MIND POWER most of his time was spent helping out in this charity organisation Help The Aged because he really enjoyed the company of Mrs Hillbent who worked in the shop from 1971 until she passed away in 1994.

At this point in time OLD FART, LILY and Uppy came into the store.

OLD FART was the reason Alf had come to Earth this time, and now Mrs Hillbent had passed away Alf had used his MIND POWER to draw OLD FART into the shop. It was not however OLD FART that ALf wanted but what OLD FARt had with him Uppy.

ALf had problems getting in contact with Uppy as Uppy’s brain is stuffed with all sorts of odd thoughts so he used OLD FART and LILY to bring Uppy to him.

EVE remember is only a game.

Gallente are champions of liberty and fierce guardians of the human spirit, the Gallente Federation is the only true democracy in New Eden. Its principles are brotherhood, fraternity, and equal rights to all men. Some of the most progressive leaders, scientists, and businessmen of the era have emerged from its diverse peoples. Pioneers of artificial intelligence, the Federation once relied almost entirely on drone fleets to defend its beliefs and borders. But the limitations of this technology and the lack of a human element—both in terms of a military strategy, and as a means of spreading influence— eventually reached a critical point. Today, Gallente starships are manned by some of the bravest men and women of New Eden.

The Gallenteans. Self-righteous, meddling, pompous and tiresome, or virile liberalists and defenders of the free world. Love them or hate them, you simply can’t ignore them. Everybody has an opinion on the Gallente Federation, it all depends from which side of the table you view them. For many, it is the Promised Land, where any dream can become a reality. Descendants of Tau Ceti, the Gallenteans remain strong believers in free will and human rights, despite numerous setbacks in their long history.

It has been said that, once you have seen the Crystal Boulevard in Caille you’ve seen it all. True, the view is spectacular, but if there’s one thing you can never see in its entirety, that is the Gallente Federation. You may travel its length and breadth, marvel at the Sunspiral on Troux, climb the AkatMountains on tropical Intaki or thrill to the Mendre dancers on Sovicou. Wherever you go, you will always see something new and exciting, even when you visit the same place again. Gallente society is in a constant state of flux, vigorous, vibrant and progressive.

Few societies display such stark contrasts. Many of the wealthiest people in the world are Gallenteans, creating a constant demand for luxury goods. At the same time, the ranks of the poor number millions, because while the liberal market-driven economy and individual freedom may allow everybody the chance to advance to the top, they make it just as easy to plummet to the very bottom of the social ladder.

In the world of EVE, the Gallentean are the kings of entertainment, mass-producing everything from cheap porn-flicks to elaborate stage-shows for an ever-hungry public. They boast the most elaborate luxury space yachts, and the most glittering hotel reservoirs. Anything your mind or body could ever crave, the Gallenteans have plenty of it.

The Gallenteans are not alone in their Federation, whose boundaries are home to pockets of residents, varying in size and representing all the other races of EVE, most of whom left their own empires due to political or ideological differences, or simply in search of peace and prosperity. In addition to these there are two human races, the Intakis and the Mannars, both of whom the Gallenteans found while exploring and expanding their empire. Both were at a very primitive level when the Gallenteans found them, but since coming under the protection and guidance of the Gallenteans, both races have flourished and are today a full-fledged members of the Federation.

The Caldari were initially part of the Federation but deep-seated differences and mutual animosity between them and the Gallenteans drove them out to found their own empire. For a time, the two empires warred against each other, but as neither could gain sufficient advantage to claim victory, peace was settled in the end.