Friday November 2nd 2012

ALf says that EVE online is the nearest thing to real inter galactic travel you will find on your home computer.

Introducing New Eden and the World of the Capsuleer

The world of EVE Online centers on a dense cluster of star systems connected to one another by a vast network of stargates. These gates allow for near instantaneous travel between linked star systems, of which there are over 5,000 in the network. The core of this cluster, called New Eden by its inhabitants, is controlled by four major empires that constantly vie with one another.

These core powers are the Amarr Empire, CaldariState, Gallente Federation and MinmatarRepublic. Beyond the interior of the cluster lie the outer regions, lawless zones where the independent space captains of EVE, the capsuleers, contend with one another for supremacy. Outside even these perilous regions exist the Jove Empire, an enigmatic power that rarely shows itself, and the mysterious realms of wormhole space. The capsuleers constantly seek means to exploit the planets, systems and regions of New Eden, and their power is on the rise.

The Social Universe

The EVE universe is inhabited by many peoples and diverse personalities, the most varied of which are the capsule pilots in their self-made societies. The core empires are controlled by powerful men and women, sitting at the apex of corporate and government power structures. The destinies of trillions living on the planets of the Amarr Empire, CaldariState, Gallente Federation and MinmatarRepublic are in the hands of these rulers and the forces they command. The peoples of the empires strive to survive and prosper in an age of extremes. While they acknowledge those who rule in the core worlds, the toiling populations both fear and admire the most extreme personalities of all: the capsuleers.

Capsuleer technology is in use in all the empires and there are independent pilots from all the major races. While some capsuleers choose to remain loyal to their home empires, many have taken very different paths and operate beyond the core and often beyond the law. Fame and fortune can be found as a loyalist, to be sure, but the most notorious and well-known pilots are very often outer region warlords, pirates or freedom fighters. Some capsuleers have even found fame with the extreme opposite of loyalism, advocating anarchy and libertarian posthumanism. Yet others have taken darker paths, supporting the outlaw cartels of the Angels, Guristas and Serpentis. Even Sansha’s Nation has its capsuleer adherents.

A Vast Diversity

While it embodies the principles and ideals of its Gallente founders, the Federation is made up of several different peoples living within the only classically democratic empire in the New Eden cluster. Aside from the ethnic Gallente, the major member races of the Federation are the Intaki, Jin-Mei and Mannar. The Intaki and Mannar were founder members of the Gallente Federation, and are well established throughout its territories.

The Intaki in particular have a talent for administration and diplomacy, and have produced several noted Federation Presidents. The Mannar are by temperament a loyal and determined, even stubborn, people, and provide a significant proportion of the intake of the Federal armed forces. The Jin-Mei are a more recent addition to the Federation and have had some difficulty adapting their traditional caste system to the libertarian ways of the Gallente political system. In addition to the home races, the Federation plays host to a very large Minmatar population and significant communities of other races. The Federation’s relatively relaxed attitude to immigration and its undoubted freedoms have proved attractive to many able to make the journey from their home empires.

A considerable number of capsuleers are trained in the Gallente Federation every year and many go independent upon qualifying. Most of these capsuleers had tended to be either Gallente or Intaki, but a large number of Jin-Mei have begun to take up the challenge of the captain’s life in recent years. Capsuleers of Federation origin are very diverse indeed and while some join the Federal Defence Union militia, many take up their own affairs immediately, whether in business or in less peaceable activities.

This is how Uppy created ALf’s eve character to appear in EVE.

ALf chose to be a Gallentean they value freedom and individual liberty above all else.

The Gallente Federation is the only true democracy in the world of EVE.

Gallente Females are considerate and kind, spirited, out-going and lively. They value self-empowerment and can be very creative and resourceful

Gallente Males are driven and ambitious. They often act self-righteously and are generally very opinionated. They can be very courageous when they feel their way of life is threatened

Gallente of 8th gender as ALf is are truly righteous and the most understanding and forgiving  beings in any universe .

ALf has travelled to each and every speck of the entire expanding and contracting universe both in space and time.

ALf knows everything but chooses to allow the human race to continue to experiment and find its own way.

He has studied many iconic leaders and finds The Buddha most to his liking of all the Earth’s icons. ALf believes if only we Earth people could try the way of Buddha if only in our minds then things would improve for all the souls on Earth.


ALf was born at an Earth date approximately 3.5 million EARTH  years ago on a planet called, Sitem Ax12 That is the closest name we can make out in relation to English. It resides in the Galaxy we have named NGC 3314 and consists of two large spiral galaxies which just happen to almost exactly line-up. The foreground spiral is viewed nearly face-on, its pinwheel shape defined by young bright star clusters. But against the glow of the background galaxy, dark swirling lanes of interstellar dust are also seen to echo the face-on spiral’s structure. The dust lanes are surprisingly pervasive, and this remarkable pair of overlapping galaxies is one of a small number of systems in which absorption of visible light can be used to directly explore the distribution of dust in distant spirals. NGC 3314a is about 140 million light-years away in the southern constellation of Hydra.. Alf calls this star cluster  “Hateem”. HOME.

What the Earth Bound Wikipedia Says: of  NGC3314.

NGC 3314 is a pair of overlapping spiral galaxies between 117-140 million light-years away in the constellation Hydra. The foreground galaxy (NGC 3314a) is seen almost directly face-on. This virtually unique arrangement gives astronomers a chance to measure the properties ofinterstellar dust that create the dark areas silhouetted against the background galaxy (NGC 3314b).

While searching for overlapping galaxies in April 1999, two astronomers from the University of Alabama were the first to image the deep sky object in enough detail to tell that it was in fact two galaxies. In a March2000 observation of the galaxies, a prominent green Star-like object was seen in one of the arms. Astronomers theorized that it could have been asupernova, but the unique filtering properties of the foreground galaxy made it difficult to decide definitively. ALf says that this GREEN is the spot where his HOME is located.

ALf’s Child Time.

ALf spent his early years this would be between 3.5 and 3.7 million Earth years on his home planet studying mathamatics and science.

Rapid growth is normal amongst the residents of ALf’s home. And  this initial growth would find ALf fully mature. He we call ALf he because he prefers that is really NON-SEXED he has no bits and his species reproduce by thinking about it.

ALf was an adventure stricken soul and at an early age he designed and built a craft that could take him anywhere he wanted. This he has found since his early days is now completely unnecessary. He only has to think of a destination or look and decide at a location in the sky above where ever he is and he can transport himself there at once. MIND POWER.

He has been in many different galaxies and can even be in several places at the same time.

Some people say they have seen him in places and at times in the history of this Earth and this is in fact true. People choose it to be an illusion as most of the human species cannot believe in what Alf can really do.

ALf decided to come to Earth in 1952 to coincide with the birth of a certain human.

ALf was living in a store room at the back of a charity store in the 1970’s and although he went out and about with his MIND POWER most of his time was spent helping out in this charity organisation Help The Aged because he really enjoyed the company of Mrs Hillbent who worked in the shop from 1971 until she passed away in 1994.

At this point in time OLD FART, LILY and Uppy came into the store.

OLD FART was the reason Alf had come to Earth this time, and now Mrs Hillbent had passed away Alf had used his MIND POWER to draw OLD FART into the shop. It was not however OLD FART that ALf wanted but what OLD FARt had with him Uppy.

ALf had problems getting in contact with Uppy as Uppy’s brain is stuffed with all sorts of odd thoughts so he used OLD FART and LILY to bring Uppy to him.

EVE remember is only a game.

Gallente are champions of liberty and fierce guardians of the human spirit, the Gallente Federation is the only true democracy in New Eden. Its principles are brotherhood, fraternity, and equal rights to all men. Some of the most progressive leaders, scientists, and businessmen of the era have emerged from its diverse peoples. Pioneers of artificial intelligence, the Federation once relied almost entirely on drone fleets to defend its beliefs and borders. But the limitations of this technology and the lack of a human element—both in terms of a military strategy, and as a means of spreading influence— eventually reached a critical point. Today, Gallente starships are manned by some of the bravest men and women of New Eden.

The Gallenteans. Self-righteous, meddling, pompous and tiresome, or virile liberalists and defenders of the free world. Love them or hate them, you simply can’t ignore them. Everybody has an opinion on the Gallente Federation, it all depends from which side of the table you view them. For many, it is the Promised Land, where any dream can become a reality. Descendants of Tau Ceti, the Gallenteans remain strong believers in free will and human rights, despite numerous setbacks in their long history.

It has been said that, once you have seen the Crystal Boulevard in Caille you’ve seen it all. True, the view is spectacular, but if there’s one thing you can never see in its entirety, that is the Gallente Federation. You may travel its length and breadth, marvel at the Sunspiral on Troux, climb the AkatMountains on tropical Intaki or thrill to the Mendre dancers on Sovicou. Wherever you go, you will always see something new and exciting, even when you visit the same place again. Gallente society is in a constant state of flux, vigorous, vibrant and progressive.

Few societies display such stark contrasts. Many of the wealthiest people in the world are Gallenteans, creating a constant demand for luxury goods. At the same time, the ranks of the poor number millions, because while the liberal market-driven economy and individual freedom may allow everybody the chance to advance to the top, they make it just as easy to plummet to the very bottom of the social ladder.

In the world of EVE, the Gallentean are the kings of entertainment, mass-producing everything from cheap porn-flicks to elaborate stage-shows for an ever-hungry public. They boast the most elaborate luxury space yachts, and the most glittering hotel reservoirs. Anything your mind or body could ever crave, the Gallenteans have plenty of it.

The Gallenteans are not alone in their Federation, whose boundaries are home to pockets of residents, varying in size and representing all the other races of EVE, most of whom left their own empires due to political or ideological differences, or simply in search of peace and prosperity. In addition to these there are two human races, the Intakis and the Mannars, both of whom the Gallenteans found while exploring and expanding their empire. Both were at a very primitive level when the Gallenteans found them, but since coming under the protection and guidance of the Gallenteans, both races have flourished and are today a full-fledged members of the Federation.

The Caldari were initially part of the Federation but deep-seated differences and mutual animosity between them and the Gallenteans drove them out to found their own empire. For a time, the two empires warred against each other, but as neither could gain sufficient advantage to claim victory, peace was settled in the end.

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