Monday 24th December 2012


We just made friends with a guy on Facebook

Olly Goldstein

who was asking why ALf is green.

ALf is an alien and when he was born he was of a very impressionable mind he came to Earth in error when only milli seconds Earth time old. This was about 2110 BC Earth years but ALf has been here Earth many times and got kind of confused himself at this point. Earth people believed aliens to be green and ALf thinks of himself as green and wont be shifted from this point of view. He to our human eyes looks orange but he gets confused again if people ask “who’s is that orange monkey”? or other such silly statements. ALf knows everything at least twice. pleased to make another chum..Olly.

PS do not mention it to ALf he is enjoying life with OLD Fart and Lily and Uppy of course the French people are here at the moment Mr Bean, French Tart and the little fromage frie David and Anne Cecile.


Anne Cecile and Mr Bean in The Field yesterday.

2 Responses to “Monday 24th December 2012”

  1. I just love Alf to pieces!!!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Uppy and Alf!!!!

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