Wednesday 13th March 2013


Tino Palmer drummer with the Punk band from Bradford The Negatives with his UppyALf Mug.

Negatives – Stakeout / Love Is Not Real (Look Records) 1979. Here’s another British obscurity that’s worth a listen. These are The Negatives from Bradford England. Not to be confused with The Negatives from Sheffield who released the somewhat inferior Electric Waltz 7 inch from 1980. No these guys were as they put it, “part of the Bradford Crowd” and yes they were Bradford’s first punk rock band. This was a single pressing of 500 and they sold out the first day they released it. There was no cover but they hand wrote a limited edition of them. You can see them here. As far as the tunes go, the B-Side seems to be the most well-known and it’s a melodic little number but it’s Stakeout that really gets the blood going. By 1979, this kind of energy was gone from the big city scenes but out in the provinces this kind of thing was still running its course. It may have seemed hopelessly out of touch to be recording songs like this in 1979 but viewed now in retrospect a song like Stakeout represents a great example of first generation UK punk. Ahhh the great blur of history.

Another happy Customer…


The Negatives- Bob Robisnon, Pete Stobbs and Tino Palmer.

Tino commented **blush**. But the single does sell for £300+ these days!

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  1. Tino Palmer Says:

    **blush**. But the single does sell for £300+ these days!

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