Sunday 18th August 2013

Lily made us some great!!!! FAB gear for Jordy Pigg and Yung uns wedding. WOW!


Here are some pictures from our trip to Didcot and Newbury with Yung Un on 3rd and 4th August 2013

IMG_5402 (2)IMG_5398 (2)IMG_5399 (2)IMG_6256 (2)55IMG_6298IMG_5424IMG_5463

We went with OLD FART to stay the week end with Yung Un and do a last Hooorah! Cinema Worlds End.

Then Didcot rail museum.

The hotel we stayed in was shit!

One Response to “Sunday 18th August 2013”

  1. The Boys look fantastic in their wedding clothes! Lilly really outdid herself this time!! They look grand in their top hats and will be the toast of the wedding!
    Your son looks just like you. He is such a handsome young man and I love his eyes. He looks like a fun and clever person just like you. The young girl that marries him will have fun for the rest of her life and laugh and laugh. She is quite lucky to have you as her father-in-law and Lil as her Mum-in-law. Make sure to take proper wedding photos of the bride and groom so we can see. I really want to see the bride and your handsome son.
    What will you be wearing???? Matching outfit to the Boys??? Cheers for sending me off to see the Boys. Have to keep that link better now. Big hugs to you, Lill and all the Boys!!! Sharon Stapleton

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