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Monday 5th May 2014

Posted in Stuffed. on May 5, 2014 by uppyalf

We had a great afternoon at Compton Verney it was their 10th anniversary Party. The whole day was great and the weather was super too.

We met lots and lots of famous artists plus friends of Old Fart one friend was interested in interviewing us soon for a local magazine.

Sue Newgas is her name and she was very interested in what ALf had to say and she tried to undress Uppy. She said that Uppy had told her he was hot because he had two jumpers on. (YEH!)


Van Gogh. Frida Kahlo. Jeff Koons. Ophelia. Andy Warhol. Yayoi Kusama were all in attendance.

We played hook a duck and listened to the drumming and rock choir.