Tuesday 1st July 2014

Tomorrow we head to The Smoke with Old Fart Lily Olde Bag and Ei Ei. We will go and meet a bunch of old moaners who just want what they deserve they will deliver a petition to number 10 and David Conman and his side kick Nick Clog. We thought we would take the opportunity to deliver our own petition.


The 10% Commission Issue

“we all know that it should be “up to 10%” but for the purpose of this update, I hope you will not mind but it is easier to refer to it as 10%”

Residents from our Justice Campaign head for Westminster.

Tomorrow  2nd July 2014 a large contingent of retired Park Home Residents are heading for London to rally and I would like to thank all those residents – from every county in our country – along with those residents in Wales and Scotland who have supported our Campaign for a “Debate to Review the 10% Commission Charge.”

You have all done a marvellous job.  You have driven around to different park home sites. Walked around gathering signatures and have signed online because our 10% Campaign is so important to you all – and why should it not be – it’s your equity.

Every day, I hear that you feel trapped in your homes because you can only buy something inferior to what you already have after giving the park owner 10% of your equity.

I know that you feel aggrieved that the park owner benefits from the many thousands of pounds that you spend on your homes – and why shouldn’t you.

This level of Commission is outrageous

and would not be tolerated in any other form of housing.

Sadly, we are all growing older and there are many that fear the thought

of going into care because they know they cannot afford the amount of care they may need after parting with 10% of their equity.

Absolutely disgusting that we treat the elderly in this way.

We all know that park operators charges you many thousands of pounds above the manufacturers price  – and therefore make a hefty profit – when you buy a new home.

Then, when you sell that home, the park operator expects you to give him 10% of the selling price which includes his original profit that he made off of you.

“What an amazing rate of interest that is.  It beats any bank interest and let us not forget that the home can be sold many times.”

Sadly, regardless of what has been said, many of you were not aware that you had to give 10% to the park owner if you sold your home – in fact, I hear that many of you were not even given written statements when the home was purchased.

Education and Awareness is now being circulated – but it was not always there.

The Minister has mention on several occasions that the 10% is not an Estate Agency charge.  With respect to the Minister, we have never said that it was.  We have only exampled the 2% paid to Estate Agents for doing a job whilst we pay the park operator 10% for doing nothing.  We are also informed that and independent report said “Commission is a legitimate income stream for park owners, and there is no evidence that the payment leads to profiteering.”

This is something that must be challenged

because park operators did not show proper audited accounts to prove their earnings – but they managed to purchase mansions, exclusive cars and helicopters!!!

whilst pleading that their businesses needed this 10% to survive.

It is also very hard to comprehend how a park operator and an independent report

can say this income strand is vital for their survival; particularly as it is based on an unquantifiable figure that will always be there because no one can predict how many homes will be sold in any one year.

There is a total lack of transparency within that report and the industry which must be addressed.

It is my opinion and that of others, the last survey on the 10%

was seriously flawed.  Previous enquiries into the charge were biased and heavily reliant on information provided by park operators, rather than home owners

and the majority vote counted for nothing as the status quo remained.

I know that many of you were disheartened by reply letters received from your MP’s.

Many of you sent copies of those letters to me

and I am very sad to say they were “standard letters” all the same.

It is a sad fact that while a lot of you have really good MP’s

who are coming to our meeting, listening to their constituents and who are in favour of the debate to put things right – other MP’s apparently do not feel the need for their constituents

to have the 10% debated and have not looked closely at the problem.

(I bet they would think differently

and would be prepared to debate it properly and arrive at a just and fair assessment if they or a member of their family lived in a park home.

I have to admit the action of some MP’s surprises me because after all they are supposed

“to work for you”

and in the run up to an election year

I would have thought they would want your vote and do just that.

I also know that although in excess of 30.000 residents signed our petition;

with no available funds we were up against great odds in getting our petition to the people.

Dirty tricks were put in place to stop us from getting our campaign to the park home residents of our country and whilst this was underhanded and totally undemocratic


During that time I was unable to voice anything about this to the membership

and we did the best that we could to get our petition noticed – and it worked

but the fact remains that those concerned are quite obviously frightened of a democratic

“Debate to Review this Charge” by MP’s.

This tells me – what I and I think most of you, already know – that there is something to hide

Sadly, many of you have told me of the scare mongering that has gone on and that residents have been told that if we get a reduction to the 10% this will be put on the pitch fee.

Well, we all know what was said before,

that is why we are having this campaign to change things.

However, scare mongering about this is totally unhelpful and defeatist.

The time for this topic to be raised is in a proper “Debate” – and as you are all aware

our Petition states

that we are totally against any increase to the pitch fee if any reduction is made to the 10%

and if we get the Debate all MP’s (if they don’t already know) will be made aware of it.

We all know the 10% is grossly unfair, unjust and loaded in the park owner’s favour.

It was not covered by the 2013 Act and no amount of bedding in will change this charge.

However, tomorrow we will be in London.

We will present our petition to Downing Street

and the residents will be able to voice their feelings on the 10% issue

under the chairmanship of Annette Brooke OBE MP

at a 90 minute meeting in the Palace of Westminster.

This is your chance and I hope you will use it.

Together we must persuade the Minister and all MP’s that our voice must be heard.  After all, they are our representatives and we are not asking for the earth; we, as their constituents are only asking them for a Debate to Review this Charge thoroughly, fairly

and with complete transparency to all.

Well we have done the collecting, collating and delivery of our Petition

and now it is time to say thank you to those who have done the work and supported us.

There is no particular order because our campaign has needed them all.

Lord Graham of Edmonton

For his unstinting support, help and valuable advice.

Annette Brooke OBE MP.

Annette has been our staunchest ally and continues to do all that she can to help us and will be with us at the rally and will chair our meeting.

Natascha Engel MP, Steve Brine MP and Stephen Gilbert MP

for their contribution to Annette’s Adjournment Debate that was orchestrated to bring awareness of our campaign’s petition and the 10% issue to Westminster.

Sonja Lee

Sonja has counted and checked every signature on the 30.000 plus petitions

and has worked on this every day since September 2013.

John ?

The gentleman who updates our Web Site and always prefers to be anonymous.

At the time of writing, our Justice Campaign web site has some 128.000 plus hits and this rises by approximately 1000 each week. Without John, we could not keep everyone informed on a regular basis.

Mr & Mrs Roger Holt

who contributed to our campaign by driving me and 9 boxes containing 30,000 plus petitions

to the delivery site in London. Without their help, our petition would still be in Dorset.

Paul Baker

Paul has been a great help to our campaign in many ways

and has given us the opportunity to raise awareness at his road shows.

IPHAS, NAPHR and the JBS Residents Action Alliance

Have helped by promoting our campaign on their Web Sites and we thank them for it.

And last but certainly the most important of all


I am sure that I speak for all when I say




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