Friday 29th May 2015

Wowza we have been o so busy over the past months since our last post we even got ourselves a job in an art gallery with OLD FART!

We visited Bletchley Park. Brighton, London, Littlehampton, Leicester. Seeing many many things and meeting many new friends.

IMG_20150422_113817510541img_4760img_4774img_4802img_6027img_4982img_4804img_6083img_5239img_5238img_20150223_121342img_5232img_20150320_130503ccc-2img_20150317_161311img_52941img_5347img_5336img_20150313_152127img_6455img_20150502_151603img_20150502_15182310384696_10152746732071345_8391720627756189254_n11196313_10152746740546345_9000694343104662575_nimg_20150428_152130img_20150429_123816img_20150429_123954img_20150429_125244211img_5747img_5757img_6049img_6050IMG_20150522_103342img_6659fcimg_6675img_6679img_20150514_191909mp1img_20150521_131523img_20150521_131527IMG_20150525_095528 IMG_20150528_164400IMG_20150528_164412IMG_20150528_164450

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