Friday January 1st 2016

Wow what a busy busy couple of weeks we have had over the Christmas period. Star Wars. Thriller. Sunny Afternoon. Playboy Club. Victoria’s Secret. Art Galleries. Gold Bars. Museums. Out with the Stuart and Old Fart and Ben and the Greek Goddess. Then Christmas with Helen, Lily, Yung Un and his new bird. Kali.

img_8595img_7003img_6995img_8607img_8608img_86104img_8621img_8623 img_8628img_8626img_20151221_112550img_20151221_134921img_20151221_134949img_20151221_160201img_20151221_155205img_20151221_160006img_20151221_160018img_20151222_125641img_20151222_125633img_20151222_125331img_20151222_141123img_20151223_123923img_20151223_123931img_20151223_221659img_20151223_192556img_20151224_183403img_20151224_183431img_20151224_202505img_20151224_205855img_20151224_205942img_20151225_100030-25img_20151225_102224img_20151225_131856img_20151225_103003img_20151230_130055


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