Monday 8th November 2021

Unconscious Bias

10am until mid day.

This 1/2 day course is aimed at those working in the public, social
purpose and voluntary and community sectors.
The overall aim of the course is to help individuals in
organisations begin to get an understanding of unconscious
bias and a wider awareness of unconscious bias in daily activity/
behaviour. Through an innovative and engaging workshop we
aim to identify solutions and processes that will combat bias and
enable staff to be agents of change.
Course Aims
Understand the theory and science to unconscious bias
Explore the origins of bias, stereotypes and prejudice
Developing a deeper understanding of our biases
Explore how to challenge unconscious bias
Gain an understanding of the practical steps to take towards
better identifying bias
Developing greater sense, self-awareness and mindfulness
Be able to develop a personal development plan to minimise
Be empowered to act as a change agent, driving inclusive
behaviours and attitudes that promote positive workplace
Course Content
What is ‘unconscious bias’?
Exploring the origins and manifestations of bias
The impact of unconscious bias
dentifying solutions and combating unconscious bias
Commitment to change and actions

It is relevant to all staff at all levels.
“Unconscious bias refers to a bias that we are unaware of,
and which happens outside of our control. It is a bias that
happens automatically and is triggered by our brain making
quick judgements and assessments of people and situations,
influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal

I Never Knew Pele was Black

I never knew Pele was black.
When I watched him play football he was just Pele.
When did he become black?
I never really thought of Gagarin as a Russian
To me he was just a spaceman.
It will be 50 years since his trip into space next week 1961-2011.
In 1961 I was 9 years old.
Gagarin was a hero.
When I was 17 years old Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon.
My dad was 49 years old 10 years younger than I am now!
When they delayed the step out by yet another hour he left me to watch it alone saying it would be on again in the morning. Three years before this when I was 14 years old mass hysteria had carried me off with it causing me to fly my union jack from my bedroom window on the end of a garden cane to celebrate England winning the football world cup. I am saying this now. As if there were, any other world cup?
There are only a few things that a man can take great pleasure from.
Football is one of them but it is a double edged pleasure.
Seeing a bright blue sky or a cold crisp frost.
Fog swirling around a lamp post with crystal specks caught in the glow.
A cob web coated in morning dew.
Deep fresh snow, green shooting buds on spring trees.
Yellow primroses, white snow drops.
A sweep of daffodils.
A tall lofty red wood against an azure still horizon.
A shimmering lake.
Snow capped mountains.
The call of a songbird.
The call of a cow.
A mother calling her child.
A cup of tea with a biscuit to dunk.
A fresh kiss of new found love on a soft downy cheek.
A babies eyes and it ringing laughter.
The glitter of friendship in a meeting of souls.
A firm handshake.
The patting and hug of backs.
Warm dry socks.
Clean bedding.
A car that starts on a wet cold day.
A bus shelter in the rain. And sometimes just the rain as it beats down upon a tin roof.
Amazing hail stones.
A sweeping rainbow.
A steel grey sky with lightning and the sound of thunder.
The call of a frog.
A stereo of chosen music or a familiar song that reminds you of the past if it is good.
Sometimes if it is bad it is because you have left that moment well behind you.
A swirl of a girls skirt as she proudly and in confidence races by.
A well hit pass and a run that puts the crowd on its feet.
A Goal!
A cold glass of beer on a hot summer day.
Labour well done and a chair to rest.
Taking off ones shoes.
A toilet break when urgently needed and paper to use.
A well found book.
A map, a pen.
A good movie and a story to share.
White puffy clouds.
A star studied night.
A moon that smiles down on your lovers face.
The dawn and the sunset and most of the hours in between.
Eleven o’clock tea with the rest of the day to explore.
And more I guess much more.
When Gagarin was a spaceman and Pele was a footballer.
When my father was my hero and my mother was my love.
I rest my pen now to face a new day.

John Bish 2011

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