Sunday 28th November 2021

Before the Snow

Before the snow comes
There is stillness
A palpable feeling
Of something approaching
I felt it yesterday
In the field
This is Warwickshire remember
Not a coastline
Not a windswept moor
Not a glen or a mountainous region
The furthest from the sea
In England one could be
But I heard it coming through its silence
There was a booming like a hundred jet engines
That turned my head and made me look
For the end of days
This booming lay beneath the cloud line
Noise is often captured this way
In louring cloud cover
Then the silence
A hush a dampening of existence
I looked around expectantly
Snow was falling
Tiny, tiny almost fairy raindrops
But snow none the less
Making a slight noise on my hooded coat
Creeping in upon my face too

Bish 29th November 2021

The Poet

Here I sit watching the day out
No-one beside me who may doubt
All of the words that I could chose to say
So listen, believe, or be gone from this day
I need a friend to walk with me
And sit in the shade of an old tree
To think nothing much, just agree with my thoughts
To say nothing much, never tell what I ought
Watching the people pass by now
They just don’t know why or know how
They don’t seem to care about all that I’ve seen
They just walk on by never knowing I’ve been
Sitting up here where I’m wind blown
Only to ask and to be shown
Things that would make you believe what I say
I’ll tell you myself and I’ll show you some day

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