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Saturday 20th November 2021

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Friday 19th November 2021

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I am really struggling with my mortality
There I have said it
I have committed it to paper
I will probably sign it at the end
And date it too
I’ve always known that my time was a finite thing
Even from a very young age
But now
Now the end game is in play
It’s actually approaching at such a pace
Days fly and it’s always Thursday
I don’t seem to have enough time to do
Everything I want to do
Then again I waste time so easily
I think too much
I overthink too much
You are at the beginning of a real adventure
You need to grab it now!
Take it and run with it
I’m on the run in to eternity
I am really beginning to be scared
I didn’t expect that
It has always scared me
But now I am really scared
So much to feel
But I have felt too much
So much to know
But I know too much
So much to see
But I have seen too much
I understand nothing
And there is so much to understand
I need to let go
Let you go
Take my life and put it on a shelf
Except it all
Except that it is nearly done
I am a disappointment to myself
I have battled
I have struggled
I have failed
The one thing I desire most has always eluded me
Or maybe I just expected too much
Life is fleeting
Life is bad for me
To be given so much
Only to know all along it will be taken away
How can anyone be expected to deal with that?
Shame on me for expecting too much

John Bish November 19th 2021

Wednesday 17th November 2021

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Monday 15th November 2021

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Saturday 13th November 2021

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Friday 12th November 2021

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Thursday 11th November 2021

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It’s a very sad day. Graeme’s sound and personality is present in everything we did together and thankfully that will live on.
When Graeme told me he was retiring I knew that without him it couldn’t be the Moody Blues anymore. And that’s what happened. It’s true to say that he kept the group together throughout all the years, because he loved it.
In the late 1960’s we became the group that Graeme always wanted it to be, and he was called upon to be a poet as well as a drummer. He delivered that beautifully and brilliantly, while creating an atmosphere and setting that the music would never have achieved without his words. I asked Jeremy Irons to recreate them for our last tours together and it was absolutely magical.
Graeme, and his parents, were very kind to me when I first joined the group, and for the first two years, he and I either lived together, or next door to each other – and despite us having almost nothing in common, we had fun and laughs all the way, as well as making what was probably the best music of our lives.
Graeme was one of the great characters of the music business and there will never be his like again.
My sincerest condolences to his family.

Justin Hayward

Higher And Higher

Blasting, billowing, bursting forth
With the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes
Man with his flaming pyre
Has conquered the wayward breezes
Climbing to tranquility
Far above the cloud
Conceiving the heavens
Clear of misty shroud

Higher and higher
Now we’ve learned to play with fire
Go higher and higher and higher

Vast vision must improve our sight
Perhaps at last we’ll see and end
To our own endless blight
And the beginning of the free
Climb to tranquility
Finding it’s real worth
Conceiving the heavens
Florishing on earth

Higher and higher
Now we’ve learned to play with fire
Go higher and higher and higher

“22,000 Days”

Even tho’ I know it’s only
Me and my dreams
That drive me so let me go please
Let me go onto tomorrow
One day at a time
Now I know the only foe is time

22,000 days, 22,000 days it’s not alot,
It’s all you got 22,000 days
22,000 nights, it’s all you know
So start the show and this time
Feel the flow and get it right

Now the time when I first saw you is over and gone
Then I knew my life with you would go on
Knowing you so much longer
I’ve change in mind change for you
You have changed to mine

22,000 days, 22,000 days it’s not alot,
It’s all you got 22,000 days
22,000 nights, it’s all you know
So start the show and this time
Feel the flow and get it right

Everybody knows, it always shows
Wasting time’s an aggravation
Got no time for confrontation
You want to take a lot
By love by law or stealth
Time’s the only real wealth you have got

Even tho’ I know it’s only me and my dreams
That drive me so let me go please
Let me go onto tomorrow
One day at a time
Now I know the only foe is time

22,000 days, 22,000 days it’s not alot,
It’s all you got 22,000 days
22,000 nights, it’s all you know
So start the show 22,000 days

22,000 days, 22,000 days it’s not a lot,
It’s all you got 22,000 days
22,000 nights, 22,000 nights, it’s all you know
So start the show 22,000 ways

Graeme Edge: Drummer and Founder member of the legendary classic rock band, The Moody Blues.

All the greatest bands have memorable drummers, Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Keith Moon. They are the furnace that powers a band’s engine. We have to ad Graeme Edge to that list, as he was that furnace for The Moody Blues.

Graeme was a father, grandfather, husband, musician, songwriter, poet, hellraiser and my ‘tour buddy’ for over 25 years. He was also my dear friend. There will be lots of people writing about Graeme. This is my small contribution.

Whilst this is one of the saddest things I can remember writing in a very long time, Graeme’s life was all about celebration. He ate life, raw. It’s been said, “you can take Graeme out of rock & roll, but you can’t take the rock & roll out of Graeme”. I would walk away from a single conversation with Graeme feeling as though I had been in the presence of Apollo, my oldest brother, a president I wanted to impress, a friend that always got me into trouble, a poet, old father time, someone who once had a martini with the devil and all the best bits of the British Library. Being in conversation with Graeme gave you the feeling that you had been gifted something you were not sure you deserved.

As part of The Moody Blues, he appeared to live the equivalent of 5 stupendous lives to my ordinary 1. He sold out Madison Square Gardens twice in one day, was immortalised on the Simpsons and his drumming and lyrics were recorded onto some 70 million albums. He was awarded 14 platinum and gold discs, presented with an Ivor Novello Award, played every single show with the band for 50 years and in 2018 was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He sailed the Atlantic, flew microlights, and was known in the band for crashing more than one car. It didn’t matter if he was eating, drinking, playing the drums, or just living another day – he was fearless.

I’m proud to say we sat next to each other behind two huge drum kits on countless stages around the globe and, played our hearts out on every single Moody Blues world tour for 25 years. It’s rare to have two drummers in a band, but it became second nature to Graeme and me. This was more than a meeting of souls; it was also a dream come true for this younger drummer.

Very early on in my tenure with The Moody Blues, Graeme and I secured the back room of our Prevost tour bus and spent the following decades there, laughing and drinking as we toured America, for what felt like an indefinite period. It was known as the ‘Bad Boys Lounge’. What mostly happened back there were tea and sandwiches (maybe an occasional bottle of wine), with accompanying conversations about family, friends, politics, and life with uncontrollable laughter. Always with uncontrollable laughter.

However, we did indeed have many riotous times together. Even though Graeme was 20 years my senior, I would still often have to leave him in a restaurant or bar after a show, drinking wine, deep in conversation with someone he’d just met, just so I could function the next day. Nevertheless, he was always there next morning, restored to his normal good humour, ready for us to blast another show and leave our souls on the stage. Plus, he loved every minute of it – as did I. As Graeme would have told you, being a musician in a touring rock band is hands down, the best friggin’ job in the world.

Graeme was my inspiration, a force of nature, a humorous, overly generous, and loyal friend. To give you an idea of his philosophy, we were once sitting at the back of the tour bus driving out of Denver, Colorado, buzzing after a show at The Red Rocks Amphitheatre, freshly showered and in our pyjamas, holding two small goldfish bowls containing ice cold delicious white wine, I asked him if he believed in heaven. He tugged on his goatee and wryly said “yes… we’re living there now”.

You will be terribly missed by many Graeme, especially me. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Tuesday 9th November 2021

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Monday 8th November 2021

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Unconscious Bias

10am until mid day.

This 1/2 day course is aimed at those working in the public, social
purpose and voluntary and community sectors.
The overall aim of the course is to help individuals in
organisations begin to get an understanding of unconscious
bias and a wider awareness of unconscious bias in daily activity/
behaviour. Through an innovative and engaging workshop we
aim to identify solutions and processes that will combat bias and
enable staff to be agents of change.
Course Aims
Understand the theory and science to unconscious bias
Explore the origins of bias, stereotypes and prejudice
Developing a deeper understanding of our biases
Explore how to challenge unconscious bias
Gain an understanding of the practical steps to take towards
better identifying bias
Developing greater sense, self-awareness and mindfulness
Be able to develop a personal development plan to minimise
Be empowered to act as a change agent, driving inclusive
behaviours and attitudes that promote positive workplace
Course Content
What is ‘unconscious bias’?
Exploring the origins and manifestations of bias
The impact of unconscious bias
dentifying solutions and combating unconscious bias
Commitment to change and actions

It is relevant to all staff at all levels.
“Unconscious bias refers to a bias that we are unaware of,
and which happens outside of our control. It is a bias that
happens automatically and is triggered by our brain making
quick judgements and assessments of people and situations,
influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal

I Never Knew Pele was Black

I never knew Pele was black.
When I watched him play football he was just Pele.
When did he become black?
I never really thought of Gagarin as a Russian
To me he was just a spaceman.
It will be 50 years since his trip into space next week 1961-2011.
In 1961 I was 9 years old.
Gagarin was a hero.
When I was 17 years old Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon.
My dad was 49 years old 10 years younger than I am now!
When they delayed the step out by yet another hour he left me to watch it alone saying it would be on again in the morning. Three years before this when I was 14 years old mass hysteria had carried me off with it causing me to fly my union jack from my bedroom window on the end of a garden cane to celebrate England winning the football world cup. I am saying this now. As if there were, any other world cup?
There are only a few things that a man can take great pleasure from.
Football is one of them but it is a double edged pleasure.
Seeing a bright blue sky or a cold crisp frost.
Fog swirling around a lamp post with crystal specks caught in the glow.
A cob web coated in morning dew.
Deep fresh snow, green shooting buds on spring trees.
Yellow primroses, white snow drops.
A sweep of daffodils.
A tall lofty red wood against an azure still horizon.
A shimmering lake.
Snow capped mountains.
The call of a songbird.
The call of a cow.
A mother calling her child.
A cup of tea with a biscuit to dunk.
A fresh kiss of new found love on a soft downy cheek.
A babies eyes and it ringing laughter.
The glitter of friendship in a meeting of souls.
A firm handshake.
The patting and hug of backs.
Warm dry socks.
Clean bedding.
A car that starts on a wet cold day.
A bus shelter in the rain. And sometimes just the rain as it beats down upon a tin roof.
Amazing hail stones.
A sweeping rainbow.
A steel grey sky with lightning and the sound of thunder.
The call of a frog.
A stereo of chosen music or a familiar song that reminds you of the past if it is good.
Sometimes if it is bad it is because you have left that moment well behind you.
A swirl of a girls skirt as she proudly and in confidence races by.
A well hit pass and a run that puts the crowd on its feet.
A Goal!
A cold glass of beer on a hot summer day.
Labour well done and a chair to rest.
Taking off ones shoes.
A toilet break when urgently needed and paper to use.
A well found book.
A map, a pen.
A good movie and a story to share.
White puffy clouds.
A star studied night.
A moon that smiles down on your lovers face.
The dawn and the sunset and most of the hours in between.
Eleven o’clock tea with the rest of the day to explore.
And more I guess much more.
When Gagarin was a spaceman and Pele was a footballer.
When my father was my hero and my mother was my love.
I rest my pen now to face a new day.

John Bish 2011