Thursday 23rd December 2021


A Christmas tree
There by the side of the road
Baubles tinsel festive decoration
Strange how we see such things
More and more
Who is it for?
What is it for?
Why cling on to such places
Would it not be better
To let them rest in your heart
Than at the side of a dirty road
I saw more flowers adorning
A hedgerow in Wales
A site of more sadness
Yes it made me look
But what did it make me think
We are all different I guess
I hope I would be able
To let loved ones go
placing such trivial things
At the place of their death
Seems to me a bit contrived

23 Dec 2021 Honeybourne Road

Then today in Aberaeron a Christmas decorated bench two hearts with simple messages.
One saying much love small child the other
Count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy

Two more sites on the way home distant from the roadside draped in trees dying flowers and wet paper.

Bish December 2021

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