Monday 27th December 2021

Wasted Talent

Wasted talent is hard to keep
A feeling of importance
To take with sleep
Like one takes pills
To erase the day
Morning comes too soon
With lack of dreams
Tossing and turning
My life drags on
I try to hide
To slow down
To create a better memory
But like the tide
Time does not wait
And speeds ever faster
The next passage of
My life I fear the most
I wish I had not been
So gullible
So lost
So credulous
So quick to obey
Talent requires encouragement
Praise and appreciation
I obviously never had it
I just like most
Thought myself different
Thought myself special
But alas like everything
I will pass unnoticed
And fade away
Beyond any purpose
Worth mentioning

Bish 27/12/2021

If to be or not to be
Is the question
Then to be and not to be
Must be the answer

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