Wednesday 19th January 2022

Band of Brothers

We were young
We were fearless
We were brothers
United to a cause
I was young
I was scared
Scared of failure
Scared of getting it wrong
Breaking the family line
A Band of brothers
We really were at times
I don’t know how I did it
Looking back
I really don’t know how
But I did
I preferred the junior school
Where the girls were my friends
I didn’t like the big school
With all that macho bravado
I missed the girls
The teachers never understood me
Never gave me a chance
Too slow
Too quiet
Too fat
They put me in the bottom class
A failure to begin with
I fought
And I fought
Ending up in 4a2
Then the fifth year
Instead of 5a
They knocked me back
That hurt
It still does
I came 6th out of 48
On the fire service course
They sent me to Solihull
Another fight
Another struggle
Then when near my medal
Heart attack
No medal for you son
Job gone
Life over
Home gone
Marriage over
I was young
I was scared
I was ill
After years of retraining
After years at college
Years of volunteering
I’m back to the struggle
I’m up against the wall
I’m looking back
To the brothers I thought I had
But I’m alone
No friends
No future
No band of brothers?
Just a hollow sadness
To carry to the fire
That will see my ashes
Burn bullseye’s in the smoke
Like Dave Evans
Like Graham Bow
Like Ralph Dawson
Like Charlie Weir
Like my father
My grief takes me back
To when we were young
When we were fearless
When we were united
To a cause
A band of brothers

Bish 19th January 2022
On listening to the theme from Band of Brothers.
Graham Bow had this played at his funeral. As we left the chapel

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