Sunday 24th April 2022

Observation on a Sunday

While the marathon runners were
Being coaxed over the line
The sun came out and then
Passed behind clouds
This left the parents either burning or freezing
The mother of Harry had a throat tattoo
This looked like a bizarre bruise
I was intrigued and wanted to look closer
The moms and dads phones came out like a routine
Sand poured from children’s shoes
New lovers with split families kissed and cuddled
Jumpers off
Jumpers on
I drew and anchor tattoo on Noah’s arm
He counted to ten while it dried in the sunlight
A very tall girl of a tender age was on the swing
Her mom and her kissing partner stared at their phones
She looked seventeen but she
Must have been only eleven or twelve
A man with damaged feet wearing
What appeared to be diving boots?
Walking hand in hand with his lover while
The loud speaker talked the runner’s home
Well done
You got this
Well done
Come on
Come on
Only a few yards to go
Come on
You got this
Harry gets reprimanded
The girl the mom and the man were now all on their phones
All in a line such a different world
Yet the clouds still block the sun
Mostly the moms push and pull the swings
And rock the rides
The men sit watching
Lay in the sun
Or gaze at their phones
A sheer dress played often in the breeze
Matching the skin tones of its wearer
The same breeze whipped around my ears
Causing a vortex in the sand pit
A shining bright penny was the treasure found
A poppy on a piece of wood
And a staring fish
Tall babies road the rides
A girl in a wheel chair was pushed through the danger zone
Caps on
Caps off
Ice creams
Slush puppies or coffees
Bubble guns
A bubble sword
Harry threw this in another tantrum
His dad a born organiser controls their day
Each minute passes with these things
These events
This is the way the Sunday passes
Until its bedtime

Bish Stratford upon Avon Park
Sunday 24th April 2022

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