Friday 29th April 2022


The evidence is clear to me
We are set on a course to hell
I see it
When one has studied history
And taken the hidden facts
As well as those that are
As plain as a boil on your arse
It’s there look
Go on look
I am hiding from reality
I cannot make a cause
I cannot make an effect
Not a jot of difference
So I am now trying to avoid the news
Can anyone else see what’s being repeated?
Maybe they are hiding too
Dancing with their fears
Having a final fling
The world is just a scab upon that boil
I pick and pick at it
Don’t pick it
It will not get better
Dalliance with sin
Naked Tik Tok
Only fans
Sex and debauchery
Playing the big game
Nothing more to lose
Take on the beast
He’s crazy
All this has been said
And done over and over
Money and gold
Oil and food
Famine and death
Faith and no faith at all
A collapse in the markets
Cost of living benefits the rich
They are hoping against hope
That their wealth will save them
It didn’t before
The jackanapes
There is the winner maybe
But not this time
The repetition will stop
And all
Yes all will suffer the cold
And bitter destruction
All the prayers will fall
On the ears of the dead
For the dead and the dying
Will for sure be all there is

Bish April 29th 2022


The overlying causes for the famine are still disputed. Some scholars suggest that the man-made famine was a consequence of the economic problems associated with changes implemented during the period of Soviet industrialisation.

There are also those who blame a systematic set of policies perpetrated by the Soviet government under Stalin designed to exterminate the Ukrainians. According to Stephen Wheatcroft, the grain yield for the Soviet Union preceding the famine was a low harvest of between 55 and 60 million tons, likely in part caused by damp weather and low traction power, yet official statistics mistakenly reported a yield of 68.9 million tons.

Gareth Jones

I walked along through villages and twelve collective farms. Everywhere was the cry, ‘There is no bread. We are dying’. This cry came from every part of Russia, from the Volga, Siberia, White Russia, the North Caucasus, and Central Asia. I tramped through the black earth region because that was once the richest farmland in Russia and because the correspondents have been forbidden to go there to see for themselves what is happening.
In the train a Communist denied to me that there was a famine. I flung a crust of bread which I had been eating from my own supply into a spittoon.
A peasant fellow-passenger fished it out and ravenously ate it. I threw an orange peel into the spittoon and the peasant again grabbed it and devoured it.
The Communist subsided. I stayed overnight in a village where there used to be two hundred oxen and where there now are six. The peasants were eating the cattle fodder and had only a month’s supply left. They told me that many had already died of hunger. Two soldiers came to arrest a thief. They warned me against travel by night, as there were too many ‘starving’ desperate men.
‘We are waiting for death’ was my welcome, but see,
we still, have our cattle fodder. Go farther south. There they have nothing. Many houses are empty of people already dead,’ they cried.

On 17 August 1935, The Times reported that the Chinese authorities had found Jones’s body the previous day with three bullet wounds. The authorities believed that he had been killed on 12 August, the day before his 30th birthday. There was a suspicion that his murder had been engineered by the Soviet NKVD, as revenge for the embarrassment he had caused the Soviet regime.

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