Tuesday 3rd May 2022

June Stay Away

Well May brings no brightness
And the sadness has taken a tighter hold
On my heart and my feelings
The news still makes me sick
In my confusions and my sadness
I bury myself away
If I hide from the news maybe it will go away
Maybe it won’t be true if I don’t see it or hear it
I still cannot see a point
Of putting paint on to canvas
Or to reading any more books
No point in travelling alone
No point in being at home
No point in my writing this
For who will read it?
And that damn milestone
I wish
I wish
I wish
But what’s the point of wishing?
Nothing will change
No point to anything
It’s all beyond me
I don’t know what to do about anything
Stay home
Go out
Go out
Stay home
And time to get up it’s all the same
May and the gloom is gloomier
The clouds stay put
June stay away
Just stay away

Bish 3rd May 2022

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