Thursday 12th May 2022

The Sight of the Green Dragon

Swans and butterflies
Rivers and plants
All on a corner to welcome
Stratford’s visitors
Hide the scruffy hoardings
At the site of The Green Dragon
The Queens jubilee is approaching
I ask if we can sit down
Rest your old legs the one girl said
We meet with the artist
To pick our brains
Not mine of course
I would not let them in
Don’t think too deeply
The council lady said
I was in trouble from the word go
Done by the end of May
Artist speaks
No Shakespeare
He’s been done to death
Tells of his work
His projects
Art therapy
They stare at their phones
I did not let them in
They did not take my name
Or take my details
A councillor arrived
Dachshund in the arms of his wife
He in suit Ukraine colours on lapel
He had the laugh of a fake
I did as the landlord of The Green Dragon requested
So I rose from the table and buggered off!
I thought that would be brilliant on the mural
Bugger Off!
But alas butterflies, a swan on a bike, rivers and plants

I would like a black cloud over bills mothers
This would defiantly make the brummies’ smile

Bish 12th May 2022

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